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Port Charlotte Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Port Charlotte.


Mayor - Dan Eldridge


Street address: 103 W. Main St., Jonesborough, TN 37659

Email: deldridge@washingtoncountytn.o rg

Phone: (423) 753-1666

Do you approve of Dan Eldridge as Mayor?

Clerk of the Circuit Court - Barbara T. Scott

Do you approve of Barbara T. Scott as Clerk of the Circuit Court?

Commissioner - Adam Cummings

Do you approve of Adam Cummings as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robert Skidmore

Do you approve of Robert Skidmore as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Richard Loftus

Do you approve of Richard Loftus as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bob Starr

Do you approve of Bob Starr as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Tricia Duffy

Do you approve of Tricia Duffy as Commissioner?

County Administrator - Roger Baltz

Do you approve of Roger Baltz as County Administrator?

Representative - Thomas Rooney

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Thomas Rooney as Representative?

Representative - Connie Mack

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Connie Mack as Representative?

State Representative - Kenneth Roberson

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Kenneth Roberson as State Representative?

State Representative - Paige Kreegel

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Paige Kreegel as State Representative?

State Senator - Michael Bennett

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Michael Bennett as State Senator?

State Senator - Nancy Detert

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Nancy Detert as State Senator?

Supervisor of Elections - Paul A. Stamoulis

Do you approve of Paul A. Stamoulis as Supervisor of Elections?