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Oceanside Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Oceanside.

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Mayor - Jim Wood

Birthday: January 31, 1948

Website: http://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/datarelation.as...

Street address: 300 N. Coast Highway Oceanside, CA 92054

Email: jwood@ci.oceanside

Phone: (760) 435-3060

Do you approve of Jim Wood as Mayor?

City Manager - Steve Jepsen

Do you approve of Steve Jepsen as City Manager?

City Clerk - Barbara Riegel Wayne

Do you approve of Barbara Riegel Wayne as City Clerk?

State Assembly Member - Martin Garrick

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Martin Garrick as State Assembly Member?

State Assembly Member - Diane Harkey

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Diane Harkey as State Assembly Member?

Assessor, County Clerk, and Recorder - Gregory J. Smith

Do you approve of Gregory J. Smith as Assessor, County Clerk, and Recorder?

Chief Administrative Officer - Walter F. "Walt" Ekard

Do you approve of Walter F. "Walt" Ekard as Chief Administrative Officer?

Clerk of the Board - Thomas J. Pastuszka

Do you approve of Thomas J. Pastuszka as Clerk of the Board?

Council Member - Rocky Chavez

Do you approve of Rocky Chavez as Council Member?

Council Member - Jerome Kern

Do you approve of Jerome Kern as Council Member?

Council Member - Jack Feller

Do you approve of Jack Feller as Council Member?

Council Member - Esther C. Sanchez

Do you approve of Esther C. Sanchez as Council Member?

Registrar of Voters - Deborah Seiler

Do you approve of Deborah Seiler as Registrar of Voters?

Representative - Brian Bilbray

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Brian Bilbray as Representative?

Representative - Darrell Issa

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Darrell Issa as Representative?

State Senator - Mark Wyland

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Mark Wyland as State Senator?

Supervisor - Pam Slater-Price

Do you approve of Pam Slater-Price as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Greg Cox

Do you approve of Greg Cox as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Dianne Jacob

Do you approve of Dianne Jacob as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Bill Horn

Do you approve of Bill Horn as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Ron Roberts

Do you approve of Ron Roberts as Supervisor?