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Lubbock Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Lubbock.


Mayor - Tom Martin


Street address: Mayor Tom Martin City of Lubbock P.O. Box 2000 Lubbock, Texas 79457


Phone: 806-775-2010

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City Manager - Lee Ann Dumbauld

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Commissioner - Patti Jones

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Commissioner - Mark Heinrich

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Commissioner - Bill McCay

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Commissioner - Gilbert A. Flores

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Council Member - Jim Gilbreath

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Council Member - Floyd Price

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Council Member - John W. Leonard

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Council Member - Todd R. Klein

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Council Member - Paul R. Beane

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Council Member - Linda DeLeon

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County Clerk - Kelly Pinion

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County Judge - Tom Head

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Election Administrator - Dorothy Kennedy

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Representative - Randy Neugebauer

Party: Republican

Rep. Randy Neugebauer today welcomed Lubbock, Texas native Jon Randles to the U.S. House of Representatives to serve as guest chaplain and deliver the daily opening prayer. "In 2013, after 20 years as an evangelist and motivational speaker, [Jon] returned to pastoring and is currently the senior pastor at Victory Life Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas," said Rep. Neugebauer.
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State Representative - Charles Perry

Party: Republican

The state Senate passed three bills this week that aim to restrict the sale, distribution and possession of synthetic drugs. One of the bills, SB 461, was filed and joint-authored by Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock.
The Texas Senate has approved amending shooting tests for state residents seeking concealed handgun licenses, letting applicants use .22-caliber weapons rather than the .32-caliber ones currently required. Lubbock Republican Sen. Charles Perry said Tuesday he drafted the proposal for the benefit of people "who can't handle larger guns because of hand injuries."
State Sen. Charles Perry laid out his so-called "sanctuary cities" bill Monday morning and the proposed legislation immediately came under fire because of fears that it could lead to racial profiling of Hispanics, including those who are U.S. citizens and legal residents. But responding to questioning from Democratic Sen. Jose Rodriguez of El Paso, Perry said that is not the purpose of his Senate Bill 185 and there are already laws against racial profiling.
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State Senator - Robert Duncan

Party: Republican

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