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Mayor - Bobby J. Hopewell

Website: http://www.kalamazoocity.org

Street address: City Commission 241 W. South Street Kalamazoo , MI 49007 (

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 269) 337-8046 (269) 337-8182 fax

Do you approve of Bobby J. Hopewell as Mayor?

City Manager - Kenneth P. Collard

Do you approve of Kenneth P. Collard as City Manager?

City Clerk - Scott A. Borling

Do you approve of Scott A. Borling as City Clerk?

Clerk and Registrar - Timothy A. Snow

Do you approve of Timothy A. Snow as Clerk and Registrar?

Commissioner - John Patrick Taylor

Do you approve of John Patrick Taylor as Commissioner?

Commissioner - M. Jeff Heppler

Do you approve of M. Jeff Heppler as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Susan Hammond

Do you approve of Susan Hammond as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John Zull

Do you approve of John Zull as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John A. Nieuwenhuis

Do you approve of John A. Nieuwenhuis as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Carolyn Alford

Do you approve of Carolyn Alford as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Sean McCann

The board has spent Tuesday and today interviewing seven candidates for the job, including Balkema and former State Rep. Sean McCann. Board members started deliberating around 3:30 p.m., following Balkema's interview, and decided to take a two-hour break around 5 p.m. Early in the discussion, some commissioners said they were ready to name their top three candidates or name one candidate to hire, but Republican Commissioner Scott McGraw made a formal motion to hire Balkema.
Do you approve of Sean McCann as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Barbara Hamilton-Miller

Do you approve of Barbara Hamilton-Miller as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Stephanie L. Moore

Do you approve of Stephanie L. Moore as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David Anderson

Do you approve of David Anderson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Hannah J. McKinney

Do you approve of Hannah J. McKinney as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Don Cooney

Do you approve of Don Cooney as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ann Niewenhuis

Do you approve of Ann Niewenhuis as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Donald Hanson

Do you approve of Donald Hanson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Brian Johnson

Do you approve of Brian Johnson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Michael D. Quinn

Do you approve of Michael D. Quinn as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mike Toth

Do you approve of Mike Toth as Commissioner?

Commissioner - James Ray

Do you approve of James Ray as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Deb Buchholtz-Hiemstra

Do you approve of Deb Buchholtz-Hiemstra as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David Buskirk

Do you approve of David Buskirk as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Thomas Erdmann

Do you approve of Thomas Erdmann as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robert Barnard

Do you approve of Robert Barnard as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Nasim H. Ansari

Do you approve of Nasim H. Ansari as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Grady Biby

Do you approve of Grady Biby as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David Maturen

Do you approve of David Maturen as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Franklin C. Thompson

Do you approve of Franklin C. Thompson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Richard Freestone

Do you approve of Richard Freestone as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jack C. Urban

Do you approve of Jack C. Urban as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Chris Randall

Do you approve of Chris Randall as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jeff Balkema

Do you approve of Jeff Balkema as Commissioner?

Controller and County Administrator - Peter Battani

Do you approve of Peter Battani as Controller and County Administrator?

County Administrator - Doug Cultra

Do you approve of Doug Cultra as County Administrator?

County Clerk - Tina Leary

Do you approve of Tina Leary as County Clerk?

Representative - Fred Upton

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Fred Upton as Representative?

State Representative - James Bolger

Party: Republican

Do you approve of James Bolger as State Representative?

State Representative - Margaret O'Brien

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Margaret O'Brien as State Representative?

State Representative - Aric Nesbitt

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Aric Nesbitt as State Representative?

State Senator - John Proos

Party: Republican

Do you approve of John Proos as State Senator?

State Senator - Tonya Schuitmaker

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Tonya Schuitmaker as State Senator?