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Mayor - Barbara G. Volk

Website: http://www.cityofhendersonville.org/index.asp...

Street address: 145 FIFTH AVENUE E, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C . 28792-4328

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (828) 697-3000

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hendersonville-...

Do you approve of Barbara G. Volk as Mayor?

Clerk of the Board - Trisha McLeod

Do you approve of Trisha McLeod as Clerk of the Board?

Commissioner - Kelvin Phillips

Do you approve of Kelvin Phillips as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Lynn Bullock

Do you approve of Lynn Bullock as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Daryle Hogsed

Do you approve of Daryle Hogsed as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jason Chappell

Do you approve of Jason Chappell as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mike Hawkins

Do you approve of Mike Hawkins as Commissioner?

Commissioner - William L. Moyer

Do you approve of William L. Moyer as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Charlie Messer

Do you approve of Charlie Messer as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mark Williams

Do you approve of Mark Williams as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Larry Young

Do you approve of Larry Young as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Chuck McGrady

Do you approve of Chuck McGrady as Commissioner?

County Manager - Steve Wyatt

Do you approve of Steve Wyatt as County Manager?

County Manager - Arthur Wilson

Do you approve of Arthur Wilson as County Manager?

Elections Director - Judith Mathews

Do you approve of Judith Mathews as Elections Director?

Elections Director - Beverly Cunningham

Do you approve of Beverly Cunningham as Elections Director?

Representative - Heath Shuler

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Heath Shuler as Representative?

State Representative - W. David Guice

Party: Republican

Do you approve of W. David Guice as State Representative?

State Representative - Chuck McGrady

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Chuck McGrady as State Representative?

State Senator - Tom Apodaca

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Tom Apodaca as State Senator?

State Senator - Jim Davis

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Jim Davis as State Senator?