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Florida Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Florida.


Mayor - James R. Pawliczek Sr.


Street address: 28 Meadow Road and 45 Maple Ave. Florida, NY 10921


Phone: 845-651-7815

Do you approve of James R. Pawliczek Sr. as Mayor?

State Assembly Member - Ann Rabbitt

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Ann Rabbitt as State Assembly Member?

County Clerk - Donna L. Benson

Do you approve of Donna L. Benson as County Clerk?

County Executive - Edward A. Diana

Do you approve of Edward A. Diana as County Executive?

Elections Commissioner (D) - Susan A. Bahren

Do you approve of Susan A. Bahren as Elections Commissioner (D)?

Elections Commissioner (R) - David C. Green

Do you approve of David C. Green as Elections Commissioner (R)?

Representative - Nan Hayworth

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Nan Hayworth as Representative?

State Senator - William Larkin

Party: Republican

Do you approve of William Larkin as State Senator?

State Senator - David Carlucci

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of David Carlucci as State Senator?