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Mayor - Rick Coleman

Website: http://www.dallasnc.net/index.aspx...

Street address: 210 N. Holland Street, Dallas, NC 28034 -1625

Email: -

Phone: (704) 922-3176

Do you approve of Rick Coleman as Mayor?

Commissioner - Mickey Price

Do you approve of Mickey Price as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Tracy Philbeck

Do you approve of Tracy Philbeck as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Tom Keigher

Do you approve of Tom Keigher as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Allen Fraley

Do you approve of Allen Fraley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John A. Torbett

Do you approve of John A. Torbett as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Donnie Loftis

Do you approve of Donnie Loftis as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Joe Carpenter

Do you approve of Joe Carpenter as Commissioner?

County Manager - Jan Winters

Do you approve of Jan Winters as County Manager?

Director of Elections - Frances P. Pinion

Do you approve of Frances P. Pinion as Director of Elections?

Representative - Sue Wilkins Myrick

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Sue Wilkins Myrick as Representative?

State Representative - Kelly Hastings

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Kelly Hastings as State Representative?

State Representative - William Current

Party: Republican

Do you approve of William Current as State Representative?

State Senator - Kathryn Harrington

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Kathryn Harrington as State Senator?

State Senator - James Forrester

Party: Republican

Do you approve of James Forrester as State Senator?