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Coleraine Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Coleraine.

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Commissioner - Lori Dowling

Do you approve of Lori Dowling as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Rusty Eichorn

Do you approve of Rusty Eichorn as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Karen Burthwick

Do you approve of Karen Burthwick as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mark Mandich

Do you approve of Mark Mandich as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Catherine McLynn

Do you approve of Catherine McLynn as Commissioner?

Representative - Chip Cravaack

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Chip Cravaack as Representative?

State Representative - Tom Anzelc

Party: Democrat

Term start: 2007

Occupation: Legislator


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State Senator - Tom Saxhaug

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2003

Occupation: Insurance Agent



Phone: (651) 296-8881

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