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Cleveland Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Cleveland.


Mayor - Jill Kirkonis


Street address: Jill Barnett Kirkonis 200 Almeda Cleveland, Texas 77327


Phone: (281) 593-3532

Do you approve of Jill Kirkonis as Mayor?

Commissioner - Mike Meador

Do you approve of Mike Meador as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ed Rinehart

Do you approve of Ed Rinehart as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Norman Brown

Do you approve of Norman Brown as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ed Chance

Do you approve of Ed Chance as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Lee Groce

Do you approve of Lee Groce as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Craig Doyal

Do you approve of Craig Doyal as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Todd Fontenot

Do you approve of Todd Fontenot as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Melvin Hunt

Do you approve of Melvin Hunt as Commissioner?

County Clerk - Delia Sellers

Do you approve of Delia Sellers as County Clerk?

County Clerk - Mark Turnbull

Do you approve of Mark Turnbull as County Clerk?

County Judge - Phil Fitzgerald

Do you approve of Phil Fitzgerald as County Judge?

County Judge - Alan B. Sadler

Do you approve of Alan B. Sadler as County Judge?

Elections Administrator - Carol Gaultney

Do you approve of Carol Gaultney as Elections Administrator?

Representative - Ted Poe

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Ted Poe as Representative?

Representative - Kevin Brady

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Kevin Brady as Representative?

State Representative - John Otto

Party: Republican

Term start: 2005

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant



Do you approve of John Otto as State Representative?

State Representative - Charles Creighton

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Charles Creighton as State Representative?

State Representative - James White

Party: Republican

Term start: 2009

Occupation: Legislator


Do you approve of James White as State Representative?

State Senator - Thomas Williams

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Thomas Williams as State Senator?

State Senator - Robert Nichols

Party: Republican

Term start: 2007

Occupation: Engineer


Phone: (512) 463-0103

Do you approve of Robert Nichols as State Senator?