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Cleveland Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Cleveland.


Mayor - Tom Rowland


Street address: Municipal Building, PO Box 1519, 190 Church Street NE, Cleveland, TN 37311

Email: -

Phone: (423) 559-3302

Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland talks with Rev. Walter "Chick" McGill and wife Barbara during a stop in his Walk Across America After nearly two years of planning, Rev.
Flags over the city of Cleveland are flying at half staff. Mayor Tom Rowland says, they will remain that way for several days, in memory of Judge Bill Moss .
CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- Republican Jim Tracy on Thursday picked up the endorsement of Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland in his primary challenge to U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District race.
Do you approve of Tom Rowland as Mayor?

County Mayor - Claude Ramsey

Do you approve of Claude Ramsey as County Mayor?

County Mayor - D. Gary Davis

A - sweet' Fourth of July - Friday Jul 4
Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis watches as Steve Hancock gets his special birthday cake from Jo Gilbert at the Village Bake Shop.
Do you approve of D. Gary Davis as County Mayor?

City Manager - Janice S. Casteel

Do you approve of Janice S. Casteel as City Manager?

City Clerk - Michael L. Keith

Do you approve of Michael L. Keith as City Clerk?

Commissioner - Mark Hall

Do you approve of Mark Hall as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Michael Plumley

Do you approve of Michael Plumley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bill Ledford

Do you approve of Bill Ledford as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jeff Yarber

Do you approve of Jeff Yarber as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bill Hullander

Do you approve of Bill Hullander as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mel Griffith

Do you approve of Mel Griffith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Roy E. Smith

Do you approve of Roy E. Smith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John Allen Brooks

Do you approve of John Allen Brooks as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Larry L. Henry

Do you approve of Larry L. Henry as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Warren Mackey

Do you approve of Warren Mackey as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Lisa Stanbery

Do you approve of Lisa Stanbery as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Brian Smith

Do you approve of Brian Smith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Richard Casavant

Do you approve of Richard Casavant as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Curtis D. Adams

Do you approve of Curtis D. Adams as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ed Elkins

Do you approve of Ed Elkins as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ben Atchley

Do you approve of Ben Atchley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Louie Alford

Do you approve of Louie Alford as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Connie Wilson

Do you approve of Connie Wilson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Howard Thompson

Do you approve of Howard Thompson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jim Smith

Party: Non-partisan

Term start: 2011



Phone: (402) 471-2730

Do you approve of Jim Smith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Fred R. Skillern

Do you approve of Fred R. Skillern as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jim M. Coppinger

Do you approve of Jim M. Coppinger as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Gregory Beck

Do you approve of Gregory Beck as Commissioner?

Council Member - David May

Do you approve of David May as Council Member?

Council Member - Bill Estes

Do you approve of Bill Estes as Council Member?

Council Member - Richard Banks

Do you approve of Richard Banks as Council Member?

Council Member - George Poe

Do you approve of George Poe as Council Member?

Council Member - Tracy Wandell

Do you approve of Tracy Wandell as Council Member?

Council Member - Bill Robertson

Do you approve of Bill Robertson as Council Member?

Council Member - Bambi Patterson Hines

Do you approve of Bambi Patterson Hines as Council Member?

County Clerk - W.F. Bill Knowles

Do you approve of W.F. Bill Knowles as County Clerk?

County Clerk - Donna Alley Simpson

Do you approve of Donna Alley Simpson as County Clerk?

Elections Administrator - W.F. Bill Knowles

Do you approve of W.F. Bill Knowles as Elections Administrator?

Elections Administrator - Fran Green

Do you approve of Fran Green as Elections Administrator?

Representative - Chuck Fleischmann

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Chuck Fleischmann as Representative?

State Representative - Kevin Brooks

Party: Republican

Term start: 2007

Birthday: May 4, 1967

Occupation: Legislator



Phone: (615) 741-1350

State Representative Kevin Brooks announced today his endorsement of Jim Tracy over incumbent Scott DesJarlais in Tennessee's 4th congressional district republican primary.
Do you approve of Kevin Brooks as State Representative?

State Representative - Eric Watson

Party: Republican

Term start: January 2006

Birthday: September 14, 1973

Occupation: Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff



Phone: (423) 339-0939

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - A request to dispose of more than 30 Bradley County Sheriff's Office assets - mainly obsolete computers, broken equipment and car parts - will be postponed until the administration of sheriff-elect Eric Watson takes office.
Do you approve of Eric Watson as State Representative?

State Senator - Mike Bell

Party: Republican

Birthday: March 16, 1963

Occupation: Farmer/Small Businessman


Phone: (615) 741-1946

Do you approve of Mike Bell as State Senator?