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Charleston Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Charleston.


County Mayor - D. Gary Davis

Do you approve of D. Gary Davis as County Mayor?

Commissioner - Lisa Stanbery

Do you approve of Lisa Stanbery as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Brian Smith

Do you approve of Brian Smith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mel Griffith

Do you approve of Mel Griffith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Roy E. Smith

Do you approve of Roy E. Smith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mark Hall

Do you approve of Mark Hall as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Michael Plumley

Do you approve of Michael Plumley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Howard Thompson

Do you approve of Howard Thompson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jim Smith

Party: Non-partisan

Term start: 2011



Phone: (402) 471-2730

Do you approve of Jim Smith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bill Ledford

Do you approve of Bill Ledford as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jeff Yarber

Do you approve of Jeff Yarber as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ed Elkins

Do you approve of Ed Elkins as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ben Atchley

Do you approve of Ben Atchley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Louie Alford

Do you approve of Louie Alford as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Connie Wilson

Do you approve of Connie Wilson as Commissioner?

County Clerk - Donna Alley Simpson

Do you approve of Donna Alley Simpson as County Clerk?

Elections Administrator - Fran Green

Do you approve of Fran Green as Elections Administrator?

Representative - Chuck Fleischmann

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Chuck Fleischmann as Representative?

State Representative - Kevin Brooks

Party: Republican

Term start: 2007

Birthday: May 4, 1967

Occupation: Legislator



Phone: (615) 741-1350

Do you approve of Kevin Brooks as State Representative?

State Representative - Eric Watson

Party: Republican

Term start: January 2006

Birthday: September 14, 1973

Occupation: Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff



Phone: (423) 339-0939

Do you approve of Eric Watson as State Representative?

State Senator - Mike Bell

Party: Republican

Birthday: March 16, 1963

Occupation: Farmer/Small Businessman


Phone: (615) 741-1946

Do you approve of Mike Bell as State Senator?