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Carthage Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Carthage.


Chancery Clerk - Arthur Johnston

Do you approve of Arthur Johnston as Chancery Clerk?

Chancery Clerk - Larry McMillan

Do you approve of Larry McMillan as Chancery Clerk?

Circuit Clerk - Pattie Lee

Do you approve of Pattie Lee as Circuit Clerk?

Representative - Bennie Thompson

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Bennie Thompson as Representative?

Representative - Gregg Harper

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Gregg Harper as Representative?

State Representative - Mary Ann Stevens

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Mary Ann Stevens as State Representative?

State Representative - Ferr Smith

Party: Democratic

Term start: 1993

Term end: 2012

Birthday: September 10, 1941

Occupation: Attorney

Website: (27th).xml

Phone: (601)267-9510

Do you approve of Ferr Smith as State Representative?

State Representative - Bennett Malone

Party: Democratic

Term start: 1980

Term end: 2012

Birthday: January 6, 1944

Occupation: Cattle Rancher, Businessman


Phone: (601)359-3367

Do you approve of Bennett Malone as State Representative?

State Senator - Giles Ward

Party: Republican

Term start: 2008

Term end: 2012

Birthday: March 6, 1948

Occupation: Retired


Phone: (662)773-8391

Do you approve of Giles Ward as State Senator?

Supervisor - Harold K. Reynolds

Do you approve of Harold K. Reynolds as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Paul Griffin

Do you approve of Paul Griffin as Supervisor?

Supervisor - D.I. Smith

Do you approve of D.I. Smith as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Karl Banks

Do you approve of Karl Banks as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Tim Johnson

Do you approve of Tim Johnson as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Keith E. Lillis

Do you approve of Keith E. Lillis as Supervisor?

Supervisor - John Bell Crosby

Do you approve of John Bell Crosby as Supervisor?