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Information about politics and local officials in Carson.

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Mayor - Jim Dear


Street address: 701 E Carson Street, Carson, California 90745


Phone: (310) 830-7600

Do you approve of Jim Dear as Mayor?

City Manager - Jerome G. "Jerry" Groomes

Do you approve of Jerome G. "Jerry" Groomes as City Manager?

City Clerk - Helen S. Kawagoe

Do you approve of Helen S. Kawagoe as City Clerk?

State Assembly Member - Warren Furutani

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2008

Occupation: Legislator


Do you approve of Warren Furutani as State Assembly Member?

Chief Executive Officer - William Fujioka

Do you approve of William Fujioka as Chief Executive Officer?

Council Member - Julie Ruiz-Raber

Do you approve of Julie Ruiz-Raber as Council Member?

Council Member - Mike A. Gipson

Do you approve of Mike A. Gipson as Council Member?

Council Member - Elito Santarina

Do you approve of Elito Santarina as Council Member?

Council Member - Lula Davis-Holmes

Do you approve of Lula Davis-Holmes as Council Member?

County Clerk, Recorder, and Registrar - Dean C. Logan

Do you approve of Dean C. Logan as County Clerk, Recorder, and Registrar?

Representative - Laura Richardson

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Laura Richardson as Representative?

State Senator - Roderick Wright

Party: Democratic

Term start: December 2008

Term end: 2012


Phone: (916) 651-1945

Do you approve of Roderick Wright as State Senator?

Supervisor - Gloria Molina

Do you approve of Gloria Molina as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Don Knabe

Do you approve of Don Knabe as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Michael D. Antonovich

Do you approve of Michael D. Antonovich as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Mark Ridley-Thomas

Do you approve of Mark Ridley-Thomas as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Zev Yaroslavsky

Do you approve of Zev Yaroslavsky as Supervisor?