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Camden Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Camden.


Clerk of the Council - Merri Seigler

Do you approve of Merri Seigler as Clerk of the Council?

Council Member - Steve Kelly

Do you approve of Steve Kelly as Council Member?

Council Member - Bobby Gary

Do you approve of Bobby Gary as Council Member?

Council Member - Gary Elliott

Do you approve of Gary Elliott as Council Member?

Council Member - CR Miles

Do you approve of CR Miles as Council Member?

Council Member - Jimmy Jones

Do you approve of Jimmy Jones as Council Member?

Council Member - Sammie Tucker

Do you approve of Sammie Tucker as Council Member?

Council Member - Stephen Smoak

Do you approve of Stephen Smoak as Council Member?

County Administrator - Clay Young

Do you approve of Clay Young as County Administrator?

Registration and Elections Chairperson - Rosalind Watson

Do you approve of Rosalind Watson as Registration and Elections Chairperson?

Representative - Mick Mulvaney

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Mick Mulvaney as Representative?

State Representative - Grady Brown

Party: Democratic

Term start: 1984

Birthday: May 1, 1944

Occupation: Barber


Phone: (803) 734-2934

Do you approve of Grady Brown as State Representative?

State Representative - Laurie Funderburk

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2004

Birthday: March 31, 1975

Occupation: Attorney


Phone: (803) 734-3044

Do you approve of Laurie Funderburk as State Representative?

State Senator - Phil Leventis

Party: Democratic

Term start: 1980

Term end: 2012

Birthday: November 3, 1945

Occupation: Aviation and Management Services Consultant


Phone: (803) 212-6000

Do you approve of Phil Leventis as State Senator?

State Senator - Vincent Sheheen

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2004

Term end: 2012

Occupation: Attorney


Phone: (803) 212-6124

Do you approve of Vincent Sheheen as State Senator?