Cahaba Heights Politics

Cahaba Heights Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Cahaba Heights.

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Sheriff - Mike Hale

Do you approve of Mike Hale as Sheriff?

Circuit Clerk - Anne-Marie Adams

Do you approve of Anne-Marie Adams as Circuit Clerk?

Circuit Clerk - Earl N. Carter

Do you approve of Earl N. Carter as Circuit Clerk?

Commissioner - Shelia Smoot

Do you approve of Shelia Smoot as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jim Carns

Do you approve of Jim Carns as Commissioner?

Commissioner - William Bell

Do you approve of William Bell as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bobby Humphryes

Do you approve of Bobby Humphryes as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bettye Fine Collins

Do you approve of Bettye Fine Collins as Commissioner?

Representative - Spencer Bachus

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Spencer Bachus as Representative?

State Representative - J. Gregory Canfield

Party: Republican

Do you approve of J. Gregory Canfield as State Representative?

State Representative - Jack Williams

Party: Republican

Term start: 2004

Birthday: September 7, 1957

Occupation: Real Estate Consultant



Phone: 334-242-7600

Do you approve of Jack Williams as State Representative?

State Representative - Mary McClurkin

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Mary McClurkin as State Representative?

State Senator - Slade Blackwell

Party: Republican

Occupation: Real Estate Developer



Phone: (334) 242-7851

Do you approve of Slade Blackwell as State Senator?

State Senator - J.T. Waggoner

Party: Republican

Term start: 1990

Occupation: Banker



Phone: (334) 242-7892

Do you approve of J.T. Waggoner as State Senator?