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Burr Oak Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Burr Oak.

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Clerk - Pattie Bender

Do you approve of Pattie Bender as Clerk?

Commissioner - William F. Chinery

Do you approve of William F. Chinery as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jerry Ware

Do you approve of Jerry Ware as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John Dobberteen

Do you approve of John Dobberteen as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David J. Pueschel

Do you approve of David J. Pueschel as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Gerald Loudenslager

Do you approve of Gerald Loudenslager as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jerry R. Hubbard

Do you approve of Jerry R. Hubbard as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Rodney Olney

Do you approve of Rodney Olney as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Eric Shafer

Do you approve of Eric Shafer as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ted Gordon

Do you approve of Ted Gordon as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Michael D. Dunlap

Do you approve of Michael D. Dunlap as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Norman L. Heinemann

Do you approve of Norman L. Heinemann as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robin Baker

Do you approve of Robin Baker as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Dale Swift

Do you approve of Dale Swift as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Joe Houtz

Do you approve of Joe Houtz as Commissioner?

County Administrator - Judy West-Wing

Do you approve of Judy West-Wing as County Administrator?

County Clerk - Terry Ann Kubasiak

Do you approve of Terry Ann Kubasiak as County Clerk?

Representative - Tim Walberg

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Tim Walberg as Representative?

Representative - Fred Upton

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Fred Upton as Representative?

State Representative - Matt Lori

Party: Republican

Term start: 2009

Occupation: Sheriff, Saint Joseph County Sheriff

Website: http://www.gophouse.com/welcome.asp...

Do you approve of Matt Lori as State Representative?

State Representative - Kenneth Kurtz

Party: Republican

Term start: 2009

Occupation: Legislator

Website: http://www.gophouse.com/welcome.asp...

Do you approve of Kenneth Kurtz as State Representative?

State Senator - Bruce Caswell

Party: Republican

Occupation: Retired teacher/school superintendent

Website: http://www.senate.michigan.gov/gop/senators/C...

Do you approve of Bruce Caswell as State Senator?