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Burke Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Burke.


Clerk of the Board - Nancy Vehrs

Do you approve of Nancy Vehrs as Clerk of the Board?

County Executive - Anthony H. Griffin

Do you approve of Anthony H. Griffin as County Executive?

General Registrar - Edgardo Cortes

Do you approve of Edgardo Cortes as General Registrar?

Representative - Gerald Connolly

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Gerald Connolly as Representative?

State House of Delegates -- Member - Eileen Filler-Corn

Party: Democratic

Term start: March 2010

Term end: January 2012

Occupation: Lobbyist


Email: Corn@house.virginia

Do you approve of Eileen Filler-Corn as State House of Delegates -- Member?

State Senator - J. Chapman Petersen

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of J. Chapman Petersen as State Senator?

State Senator - George Barker

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2008

Term end: January 11, 2012

Occupation: Health Planner


Do you approve of George Barker as State Senator?

State Senator - David Marsden

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of David Marsden as State Senator?

Supervisor - Michael R. Frey

Do you approve of Michael R. Frey as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Linda Q. Smyth

Do you approve of Linda Q. Smyth as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Pat Herrity

Do you approve of Pat Herrity as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Penelope A. Gross

Do you approve of Penelope A. Gross as Supervisor?

Supervisor - John Foust

Do you approve of John Foust as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Jeff McKay

Do you approve of Jeff McKay as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Gerald W. Hyland

Do you approve of Gerald W. Hyland as Supervisor?

Supervisor - John C. Cook

Do you approve of John C. Cook as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Cathy M. Hudgins

Do you approve of Cathy M. Hudgins as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Sharon Bulova

Do you approve of Sharon Bulova as Supervisor?