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Bryson City Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Bryson City.


Mayor - Maurice Moody


Street address: 114 Moody-Childress Road,Sylva, NC 28779


Phone: 828-586-2719

Do you approve of Maurice Moody as Mayor?

Sheriff - Curtis Cochran

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Curtis Cochran as Sheriff?

Clerk of the Board - Evelyn Baker

Do you approve of Evelyn Baker as Clerk of the Board?

Commissioner - Joe Cowan

Do you approve of Joe Cowan as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mark R. Jones

Do you approve of Mark R. Jones as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Brian McMahan

Do you approve of Brian McMahan as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Thomas L. Massie

Do you approve of Thomas L. Massie as Commissioner?

Commissioner - William R. Shelton

Do you approve of William R. Shelton as Commissioner?

County Manager - Kenneth L. Westmoreland

Do you approve of Kenneth L. Westmoreland as County Manager?

Elections Director - Lisa Lovedahl-Lehman

Do you approve of Lisa Lovedahl-Lehman as Elections Director?

Representative - Heath Shuler

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Heath Shuler as Representative?

State Representative - R. Phillip Haire

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of R. Phillip Haire as State Representative?

State Representative - Roger West

Party: Republican

Term start: 2001

Occupation: Contractor


Phone: 919-733-7928

Do you approve of Roger West as State Representative?

State Senator - Jim Davis

Party: Republican

Occupation: Orthodontist


Phone: 919-733-7928

Do you approve of Jim Davis as State Senator?