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Brooks Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Brooks.


County Attorney - Monica Robinson

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Monica Robinson as County Attorney?

County Clerk - Bobbie Holsclaw

Do you approve of Bobbie Holsclaw as County Clerk?

County Clerk and Elections Officer - Nora McCawley

Do you approve of Nora McCawley as County Clerk and Elections Officer?

County Judge - Melaine Roberts

Do you approve of Melaine Roberts as County Judge?

County Judge and Executive - Bryan Mathews

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Bryan Mathews as County Judge and Executive?

Magistrate - Joe Laswell

Do you approve of Joe Laswell as Magistrate?

Magistrate - David Walker

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2008

Occupation: Clergy



Phone: (304) 340-3210



Do you approve of David Walker as Magistrate?

Magistrate - Buddy Shepherd

Do you approve of Buddy Shepherd as Magistrate?

Magistrate - Edward Bleemel

Do you approve of Edward Bleemel as Magistrate?

Representative - Brett Guthrie

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Brett Guthrie as Representative?

Representative - John Yarmuth

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of John Yarmuth as Representative?

State Representative - Jeff Greer

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2007

Birthday: March 8, 1964

Occupation: Owner, Greer Insurance Agency



Phone: (270) 422-5100

Do you approve of Jeff Greer as State Representative?

State Representative - Linda Belcher

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2009

Birthday: September 20, 1948

Occupation: Principal/Teacher (retired)


Phone: (502) 564-8100

Do you approve of Linda Belcher as State Representative?

State Representative - Kevin Bratcher

Party: Republican

Term start: 1997

Birthday: April 17, 1961

Occupation: Legislator


Phone: (502) 231-3311

Do you approve of Kevin Bratcher as State Representative?

State Senator - Daniel Seum

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Daniel Seum as State Senator?

State Senator - Paul Hornback

Party: Republican

Occupation: Farmer


Phone: (502) 461-9005

Do you approve of Paul Hornback as State Senator?