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Brooks Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Brooks.


Commissioner - Eric Maxwell

Do you approve of Eric Maxwell as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Johnie A. McDaniel

Do you approve of Johnie A. McDaniel as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Peter Pfeifer

Do you approve of Peter Pfeifer as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Eddie Goss

Do you approve of Eddie Goss as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jack R. Smith

Do you approve of Jack R. Smith as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David Phillips

Do you approve of David Phillips as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robert Horgan

Do you approve of Robert Horgan as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Eddie L. Freeman

Do you approve of Eddie L. Freeman as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Gwen Flowers-Taylor

Do you approve of Gwen Flowers-Taylor as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Herb Frady

Do you approve of Herb Frady as Commissioner?

County Administrator - Jack J. Krakeel

Do you approve of Jack J. Krakeel as County Administrator?

County Clerk - Teresa A. Watson

Do you approve of Teresa A. Watson as County Clerk?

County Manager - William P. Wilson

Do you approve of William P. Wilson as County Manager?

Election Supervisor - Tom Sawyer

Party: Democratic

Term start: 1987-1998, 2003

Term end: 2011

Occupation: Owner, Tom Sawyer Accounting Services


Do you approve of Tom Sawyer as Election Supervisor?

Election Supervisor - Terry Colling

Do you approve of Terry Colling as Election Supervisor?

Representative - Lynn Westmoreland

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Lynn Westmoreland as Representative?

State Representative - John Yates

Party: Republican

Term start: January 11, 1993

Occupation: Legislator




Do you approve of John Yates as State Representative?

State Senator - Ronnie Chance

Party: Republican

Term start: 2005

Occupation: Public Relations Executive


Do you approve of Ronnie Chance as State Senator?