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Brooker Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Brooker.


Commissioner - John Wayne Hersey

Do you approve of John Wayne Hersey as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Doyle Thomas

Do you approve of Doyle Thomas as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John S. Cooper

Do you approve of John S. Cooper as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Rodney J. Long

Do you approve of Rodney J. Long as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mike Byerly

Do you approve of Mike Byerly as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Eddie J. Lewis

Do you approve of Eddie J. Lewis as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Cynthia Moore Chestnut

Do you approve of Cynthia Moore Chestnut as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Paula DeLaney

Do you approve of Paula DeLaney as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Lee Pinkoson

Do you approve of Lee Pinkoson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ross Chandler

Do you approve of Ross Chandler as Commissioner?

County Manager - Randall H. Reid

Do you approve of Randall H. Reid as County Manager?

County Manager - Brad Carter

Do you approve of Brad Carter as County Manager?

Representative - Cliff Stearns

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Cliff Stearns as Representative?

State Representative - Charles Chestnut

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Charles Chestnut as State Representative?

State Representative - Janet Adkins

Party: Republican

Term start: 2008

Occupation: Legislator




Do you approve of Janet Adkins as State Representative?

State Senator - Steve Oelrich

Party: Republican

Term start: 2006

Occupation: Retired Law Enforcement




Do you approve of Steve Oelrich as State Senator?

Supervisor of Elections - Terry L. Vaughan

Do you approve of Terry L. Vaughan as Supervisor of Elections?

Supervisor of Elections - Pam Carpenter

Do you approve of Pam Carpenter as Supervisor of Elections?