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Broadview Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Broadview.

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Chief Administrative Officer - Mark Kilgallon

Do you approve of Mark Kilgallon as Chief Administrative Officer?

Commissioner - Earlean Collins

Do you approve of Earlean Collins as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Elizabeth Ann Doody Gorman

Do you approve of Elizabeth Ann Doody Gorman as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Forrest Claypool

Do you approve of Forrest Claypool as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Peter N. Silvestri

Do you approve of Peter N. Silvestri as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Gregg Goslin

Do you approve of Gregg Goslin as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robert Steele

Do you approve of Robert Steele as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Larry Suffredin

Do you approve of Larry Suffredin as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Deborah Sims

Do you approve of Deborah Sims as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John P. Daley

Do you approve of John P. Daley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bridget Gainer

Do you approve of Bridget Gainer as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Joseph Mario Moreno

Do you approve of Joseph Mario Moreno as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jerry "Iceman" Butler

Do you approve of Jerry "Iceman" Butler as Commissioner?

Commissioner - William M. Beavers

Do you approve of William M. Beavers as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Todd H. Stroger

Do you approve of Todd H. Stroger as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Joan Patricia Murphy

Do you approve of Joan Patricia Murphy as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Timothy O. Schneider

Do you approve of Timothy O. Schneider as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Roberto Maldonado

Do you approve of Roberto Maldonado as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Anthony J. Peraica

Do you approve of Anthony J. Peraica as Commissioner?

County Clerk and Elections Officer - David Orr

Do you approve of David Orr as County Clerk and Elections Officer?

Representative - Danny Davis

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Danny Davis as Representative?

Representative - Mike Quigley

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Mike Quigley as Representative?

Representative - Luis Gutierrez

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Luis Gutierrez as Representative?

State Representative - Karen Yarbrough

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2001

Occupation: Founder/CEO, Hathaway Insurance Agency


Do you approve of Karen Yarbrough as State Representative?

State Representative - Chris Nybo

Party: Republican


Do you approve of Chris Nybo as State Representative?

State Senator - Dan Cronin

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Dan Cronin as State Senator?

State Senator - Kimberly Lightford

Party: Democratic

Term start: 1998

Occupation: Legislator


Do you approve of Kimberly Lightford as State Senator?