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Brasher Falls Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Brasher Falls.

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State Assembly Member - Kenneth Blankenbush

Party: Republican

Occupation: Business Owner


Email: webmaster@assembly.state

Do you approve of Kenneth Blankenbush as State Assembly Member?

County Administrator - Karen St. Hilaire

Do you approve of Karen St. Hilaire as County Administrator?

County Clerk - Patricia Ritchie

Party: Republican

Occupation: County Clerk



Do you approve of Patricia Ritchie as County Clerk?

Elections Commissioner (D) - Robin M. St. Andrews

Do you approve of Robin M. St. Andrews as Elections Commissioner (D)?

Elections Commissioner (R) - Deborah J. Pahler

Do you approve of Deborah J. Pahler as Elections Commissioner (R)?

Legislator - Alex A. MacKinnon

Do you approve of Alex A. MacKinnon as Legislator?

Legislator - J. Patrick Turbett

Do you approve of J. Patrick Turbett as Legislator?

Legislator - Vernon "Sam" Burns

Do you approve of Vernon "Sam" Burns as Legislator?

Legislator - Daniel J. Girard

Do you approve of Daniel J. Girard as Legislator?

Legislator - Frederick S. Morrill

Do you approve of Frederick S. Morrill as Legislator?

Legislator - Sallie A. Brothers

Do you approve of Sallie A. Brothers as Legislator?

Legislator - Gregory M. Paquin

Do you approve of Gregory M. Paquin as Legislator?

Legislator - Thomas R. Grow

Do you approve of Thomas R. Grow as Legislator?

Legislator - Donald Peck

Do you approve of Donald Peck as Legislator?

Legislator - Gregory M. Paquin

Do you approve of Gregory M. Paquin as Legislator?

Legislator - Laura J. Perry

Do you approve of Laura J. Perry as Legislator?

Legislator - Peter W. FitzRandolph

Do you approve of Peter W. FitzRandolph as Legislator?

Legislator - Dave Forsythe

Do you approve of Dave Forsythe as Legislator?

Legislator - Charles E. House

Do you approve of Charles E. House as Legislator?

Legislator - Joseph R. Lightfoot

Do you approve of Joseph R. Lightfoot as Legislator?

Representative - William Owens

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of William Owens as Representative?

State Senator - Joseph Griffo

Party: Republican

Term start: 2007

Occupation: Legislator


Do you approve of Joseph Griffo as State Senator?