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Bluff City Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Bluff City.

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County Mayor - David Shumake


Street address: 801 Anderson St, Bristol, Tennessee 37621


Phone: (979) 849-4364

Twitter: #!/CityofBristolTn


Do you approve of David Shumake as County Mayor?

County Mayor - Jim Sells


Street address: PO Box 788, 106 East Kyle Street, Rogersville, TN 37857

Phone: 423-272-7497

Do you approve of Jim Sells as County Mayor?

County Mayor - Irene Wells


Street address: 198 Holston Drive, PO Box, 161 Bluff City, Tennessee 37618


Phone: (423) 538-7414

Do you approve of Irene Wells as County Mayor?

County Mayor - Steve Godsey


Street address: 3411 Hwy. 126, Suite 206, Blountville, TN 37617


Phone: (423) 323-6417

Do you approve of Steve Godsey as County Mayor?

Commissioner - Bart Long

Do you approve of Bart Long as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mark Vance

Do you approve of Mark Vance as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Terry Harkleroad

Do you approve of Terry Harkleroad as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Elliott Kilgore

Do you approve of Elliott Kilgore as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Randy Morrell

Do you approve of Randy Morrell as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Larry Hall

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2007

Occupation: Attorney


Phone: 919-733-7928

Do you approve of Larry Hall as Commissioner?

Commissioner - O.W. Ferguson

Do you approve of O.W. Ferguson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Wayne McConnell

Do you approve of Wayne McConnell as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Cathy Armstrong

Do you approve of Cathy Armstrong as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Eddie Williams

Do you approve of Eddie Williams as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Darlene R. Calton

Do you approve of Darlene R. Calton as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Dwight D. King

Do you approve of Dwight D. King as Commissioner?

Commissioner - W.G. Bill Kilgore

Do you approve of W.G. Bill Kilgore as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Michael Surgenor

Do you approve of Michael Surgenor as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Sam Jones

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2008

Term end: January 9, 2012

Occupation: Real Estate/Investments


Do you approve of Sam Jones as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Garth Blackburn

Do you approve of Garth Blackburn as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Dennis Houser

Do you approve of Dennis Houser as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Linda Brittenham

Do you approve of Linda Brittenham as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Clyde Groseclose

Do you approve of Clyde Groseclose as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Joe Herron

Do you approve of Joe Herron as Commissioner?

Commissioner - James L. King

Do you approve of James L. King as Commissioner?

County Clerk - Jeanie Gammon

Do you approve of Jeanie Gammon as County Clerk?

Representative - David Roe

Party: Republican

Do you approve of David Roe as Representative?

State Representative - Scotty Campbell

Party: Republican

Birthday: February 21, 1984



Phone: (615) 741-2050

Do you approve of Scotty Campbell as State Representative?

State Representative - Jon Lundberg

Party: Republican

Term start: 2007

Birthday: June 26, 1961

Occupation: Legislator



Phone: (615) 741-7623

Do you approve of Jon Lundberg as State Representative?

State Senator - Ron Ramsey

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Ron Ramsey as State Senator?