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Mayor - Tom Bates


Street address: 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (510) 981-7100

Sylvia McLaughlin, an environmental trailblazer and longtime leader of the Bay Area's environmental community who co-founded Save the Bay and served on the boards of the National Audubon Society, East Bay Conservation Corps, Save the Redwoods League, Citizens for East Shore Parks, Trust for Public Land, and Greenbelt Alliance, died Tuesday at her Berkeley home. She was 99. "Words are hardly adequate to convey [McLaughlin's] profound influence on protecting the environment, restraining runaway development around the bay, and providing a powerful role model for those whose power is based not on wealth or inside political connections but on determination and a just cause," said Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates in a statement.
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City Manager - Philip Kamlarz

Do you approve of Philip Kamlarz as City Manager?

City Clerk - Pamyla Means

Do you approve of Pamyla Means as City Clerk?

State Assembly Member - Nancy Skinner

Party: Democratic

Term start: 2008

Occupation: Legislator


Do you approve of Nancy Skinner as State Assembly Member?

Clerk of the Board - Crystal Hishida Graff

Do you approve of Crystal Hishida Graff as Clerk of the Board?

Clerk of the Board - Jane Pennington

Do you approve of Jane Pennington as Clerk of the Board?

Council Member - Linda Maio

Do you approve of Linda Maio as Council Member?

Council Member - Darryl Moore

Do you approve of Darryl Moore as Council Member?

Council Member - Kriss Worthington

A quadriplegic senior hospitalized for over a year who faces eviction from his apartment will be allowed to continue to live there, pending the completion of "minimal" paperwork, says a city councilman who interceded on the tenant's behalf. Councilman Kriss Worthington said Monday that the CEO of The Jon Stewart Company, which manages the government-subsidized William Byron Rumford Sr. Plaza residential complex in South Berkeley, where Pachovas has lived since 2000, has agreed to drop eviction proceedings.
Kriss Worthington announced recently in an e-mail to the community that ,"Item 35 to adopt a resolution declaring a homeless crisis was unanimously approved by the City Council." "This simple common sense measure was only delayed twice from 5 and Jan 12 before last night's successful adoption."
Do you approve of Kriss Worthington as Council Member?

Council Member - Jesse Arreguin

Do you approve of Jesse Arreguin as Council Member?

Council Member - Gordon Wozniak

Do you approve of Gordon Wozniak as Council Member?

Council Member - Maxwell Anderson

Do you approve of Maxwell Anderson as Council Member?

Council Member - Laurie Capitelli

Do you approve of Laurie Capitelli as Council Member?

Council Member - Susan Wengraf

Do you approve of Susan Wengraf as Council Member?

County Administrator - David Twa

Do you approve of David Twa as County Administrator?

County Administrator - Susan Muranishi

Do you approve of Susan Muranishi as County Administrator?

County Supervisor - Keith Carson

Do you approve of Keith Carson as County Supervisor?

County Supervisor - Scott Haggerty

Do you approve of Scott Haggerty as County Supervisor?

County Supervisor - Gail Steele

Do you approve of Gail Steele as County Supervisor?

County Supervisor - Alice Lai-Bitker

Do you approve of Alice Lai-Bitker as County Supervisor?

County Supervisor - Nate Miley

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner of Berkeley reported that she has nearly $1.1 million in cash reserves in her state Senate campaign account, which is more than ten times what her main opponent SandrA© Swanson, has in total cash on hand, according to campaign finance reports released today. To further Swanson's woes, Piedmont political upstart Katherine Welch, who announced her campaign in late September, also outraised the former Oakland Assemblymember during the last six months of 2015.
Do you approve of Nate Miley as County Supervisor?

Registrar of Voters - Dave Macdonald

Do you approve of Dave Macdonald as Registrar of Voters?

Representative - John Garamendi

Party: Democratic

Term start: November 2009

Term end: 2010

Occupation: Businessman and rancher


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 916-863-6881




Do you approve of John Garamendi as Representative?

Representative - George Miller

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of George Miller as Representative?

Representative - Barbara Lee

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Barbara Lee as Representative?

State Senator - Mark DeSaulnier

Party: Democratic

Term start: December 2008

Term end: 2012

Occupation: Restaurateur


Phone: (916) 651-4007

Do you approve of Mark DeSaulnier as State Senator?

State Senator - Loni Hancock

Party: Democratic

Term start: December 2008

Term end: 2012


Phone: (916) 651-4009

Do you approve of Loni Hancock as State Senator?

Supervisor - Federal Glover

Do you approve of Federal Glover as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Mary N. Piepho

Do you approve of Mary N. Piepho as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Susan Bonilla

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Administrator


Do you approve of Susan Bonilla as Supervisor?

Supervisor - John M. Gioia

Do you approve of John M. Gioia as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Gayle B. Uilkema

Do you approve of Gayle B. Uilkema as Supervisor?