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Bellefontaine Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Bellefontaine.


Mayor - Adam Brannon


Street address: 35 N. Detroit St. Bellefontaine Ohio 43311

Email: abrannon@ci.bellefontaine.oh.u s

Phone: Phone: 937.592.4376

Do you approve of Adam Brannon as Mayor?

City Auditor - Jack Reser

Do you approve of Jack Reser as City Auditor?

Clerk of the Courts - Dottie Tuttle

Do you approve of Dottie Tuttle as Clerk of the Courts?

Commissioner - John Bayliss

Do you approve of John Bayliss as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Dustin Wickersham

Do you approve of Dustin Wickersham as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Tony Core

Do you approve of Tony Core as Commissioner?

Councilman - Brian E. Evans

Do you approve of Brian E. Evans as Councilman?

Councilman - Dave Haw

Do you approve of Dave Haw as Councilman?

Councilman - Jerry Pitzer

Do you approve of Jerry Pitzer as Councilman?

Councilman at Large - Mark Fissel

Do you approve of Mark Fissel as Councilman at Large?

Councilman at Large - Allen Hadley

Do you approve of Allen Hadley as Councilman at Large?

Councilman at Large - David Henry

Do you approve of David Henry as Councilman at Large?

Councilwoman - Diane J. Hager

Do you approve of Diane J. Hager as Councilwoman?

Councilwoman at Large - Deb Baker

Do you approve of Deb Baker as Councilwoman at Large?

Elections Director - Lucinda Holycross

Do you approve of Lucinda Holycross as Elections Director?

Law Director - Howard Traul

Howard Traul - 7 comments
Do you approve of Howard Traul as Law Director?

Recorder - Linda Hanson

Do you approve of Linda Hanson as Recorder?

Representative - Jim Jordan

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Jim Jordan as Representative?

State Representative - Dave Burke

Party: Republican

Term start: July 2011

Occupation: Legislator


Email: sd26@senate.state

Phone: (614) 466-8049

Do you approve of Dave Burke as State Representative?

State Senator - Karen Gillmor

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Karen Gillmor as State Senator?