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Armuchee Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Armuchee.

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Clerk of the Board - Kathy Arp

Do you approve of Kathy Arp as Clerk of the Board?

Clerk of the Board - Martha Tucker

Do you approve of Martha Tucker as Clerk of the Board?

Clerk of the Board - Charlene Miles

Do you approve of Charlene Miles as Clerk of the Board?

Commissioner - Michael D. Dawson

Do you approve of Michael D. Dawson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Eddie Lumsden

Do you approve of Eddie Lumsden as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Garry E. Fricks

Do you approve of Garry E. Fricks as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Chad Whitefield

Do you approve of Chad Whitefield as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jim Welch

Do you approve of Jim Welch as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jerry Jennings

Do you approve of Jerry Jennings as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John Mayes

Do you approve of John Mayes as Commissioner?

County Manager - Kevin Poe

Do you approve of Kevin Poe as County Manager?

County Manager - Tom Starnes

Do you approve of Tom Starnes as County Manager?

Election Superintendent - Jon M. Payne

Do you approve of Jon M. Payne as Election Superintendent?

Election Supervisor - Evon Billups

Do you approve of Evon Billups as Election Supervisor?

Election Supervisor - Connie Y. Winkler

Do you approve of Connie Y. Winkler as Election Supervisor?

Representative - Phil Gingrey

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Phil Gingrey as Representative?

State Representative - Katie Dempsey

Party: Republican

Term start: January 8, 2007

Occupation: Small Business Owner


Email: [email protected]


Do you approve of Katie Dempsey as State Representative?

State Representative - Barbara Reece

Party: Democratic

Term start: January 11, 1999

Occupation: Business Partner, B and B Enterprises


Email: [email protected]


Do you approve of Barbara Reece as State Representative?

State Senator - Barry Loudermilk

Party: Republican

Occupation: President and Co-owner, INSI Technologies


Do you approve of Barry Loudermilk as State Senator?

State Senator - Jeff Mullis

Party: Republican

Term start: 2001

Occupation: Fire Chief


Do you approve of Jeff Mullis as State Senator?