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Angola Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Angola.


Mayor - Richard M. Hickman


Street address: 210 N Public Square Angola, IN 46703


Phone: 260.665.3556

Do you approve of Richard M. Hickman as Mayor?

Commissioner - F. Mayo Sanders

Do you approve of F. Mayo Sanders as Commissioner?

Councillor - John W. Hughes

Do you approve of John W. Hughes as Councillor?

Councillor - Jim Ingledue

Do you approve of Jim Ingledue as Councillor?

Councillor - Paul Sparks

Do you approve of Paul Sparks as Councillor?

Councillor - Ron Parker

Do you approve of Ron Parker as Councillor?

Councillor - Linda Hansen

Do you approve of Linda Hansen as Councillor?

Councillor - William Booth

Do you approve of William Booth as Councillor?

Councillor - Sara Tubergen

Do you approve of Sara Tubergen as Councillor?

County Clerk and Elections Officer - Diana Penick

Do you approve of Diana Penick as County Clerk and Elections Officer?

Representative - Marlin Stutzman

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Marlin Stutzman as Representative?

State Representative - Richard Dodge

Party: Republican

Term start: 2004

Occupation: Consultant, Heating and Air Conditioning Companies



Do you approve of Richard Dodge as State Representative?

State Senator - Dennis Kruse

Party: Republican

Term start: 2004

Occupation: Auctioneer


Phone: 800-382-9467

Do you approve of Dennis Kruse as State Senator?

State Senator - Sue Glick

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Sue Glick as State Senator?