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Altamonte Springs Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Altamonte Springs.


Mayor - Patricia Bates

Website: http://http://www.altamonte.or g/contacts/commission/commissi on.asp

Street address: 918 Lotus Vista Drive, #302 32714 Home: (407) 290 - 1215


Phone: (407) 493 - 3403

Do you approve of Patricia Bates as Mayor?

City Manager - Phil Penland

Do you approve of Phil Penland as City Manager?

Clerk of the Courts - Maryanne Morse

Do you approve of Maryanne Morse as Clerk of the Courts?

Commissioner - Steve Wolfram

Do you approve of Steve Wolfram as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Dick Van Der Weide

Do you approve of Dick Van Der Weide as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Sarah Reece

Do you approve of Sarah Reece as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Carlton D. Henley

Do you approve of Carlton D. Henley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Patricia Freeman

Do you approve of Patricia Freeman as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jon Batman

Do you approve of Jon Batman as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bob Dallari

Do you approve of Bob Dallari as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Michael McLean

Do you approve of Michael McLean as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Brenda Carey

Do you approve of Brenda Carey as Commissioner?

County Manager - Cynthia A. Coto

Do you approve of Cynthia A. Coto as County Manager?

Representative - Sandy Adams

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Sandy Adams as Representative?

Representative - John Mica

Party: Republican

Do you approve of John Mica as Representative?

State Representative - Scott Plakon

Party: Republican

Term start: 2008

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer/Publisher




Do you approve of Scott Plakon as State Representative?

State Senator - David Simmons

Party: Republican

Do you approve of David Simmons as State Senator?

State Senator - Andy Gardiner

Party: Republican

Term start: 2008

Term end: 2012

Occupation: Legislator




Do you approve of Andy Gardiner as State Senator?

Supervisor of Elections - Michael Ertel

Do you approve of Michael Ertel as Supervisor of Elections?