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3 hrs ago | San Jose Mercury News

Charles Krauthammer: Lower the corporate tax rates -- now

The Obama administration is highly exercised about "inversion," the practice by which an American corporation acquires a foreign company and moves its headquarters out of the U.S. to benefit from lower tax rates abroad.


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6 hrs ago | Chambersburg Public Opinion

No jail for man arrested amid Hoffman death probe

A friend of Philip Seymour Hoffman who was arrested after the actor's overdose death pleaded guilty on Thursday to a low-level drug charge in a deal that spared him jail time.


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7 hrs ago | Journal-Pioneer

A lesson in the ugly side of life

To the Editor, Part of my duties as a mother is to teach my children right from wrong, how to get along with each other, how to be kind and considerate and that there will be times in life where someone might hurt them physically or emotionally and I must prepare them to know how to handle hurt properly.


11 hrs ago |

Cleveland must release data critical to preventing illegal gun sales: editorial

There is no better way to stop the illicit trafficking in weapons than to make those who manufacture, buy and sell weapons more accountable and those transactions more transparent.


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11 hrs ago | San Jose Mercury News

E.J. Dionne Jr.: 2014 and the limits of rage

The short-term future of politics in the nation's capital will be determined in large part by which party ends up in control of the Senate.


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16 hrs ago | The Argus

A line needs drawing

My Little Pony and penalty shoot-outs may not be the first subjects which come to mind when you think of university academia topics.


17 hrs ago | Evening Times

Don't ignore the signs of cancer

FOR decades cancer deaths in Glasgow have been far too high, leading to a premature death for too many people.


21 hrs ago | Palladium-Item

Navy with a mission in mind tells us what kind of nation we areNavy...

Navy with a mission in mind tells us what kind of nation we are Navy with a mission in mind tells us what kind of nation we are Check out this story on Russia's ongoing dismemberment of Ukraine and the Islamic State's erasing of Middle Eastern borders have distracted attention from the harassment of U.S. Navy ... (more)


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Wed Aug 27, 2014

The Town Talk

If ISIS attacks again, what will U.S. do? - ColumnIf ISIS attacks...

If ISIS attacks again, what will U.S. do? - Column If ISIS attacks one or more U.S. cities, what then? We can't bomb ourselves.


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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Will: American criminal justice defended by judge's essay

What is called "the" 1964 Civil Rights Act is justly celebrated for outlawing racial and other discrimination in employment, "public accommodations" and elsewhere.


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Chambersburg Public Opinion

Woman accused of setting fire with burned bacon

A Utah woman accused of using a pound of bacon to start a fire in her ex-boyfriend's house will stand trial on arson charges.


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Chambersburg Public Opinion

Bound bodies of 2 found in Philly river; 3rd hurt

The bodies of two men who had been bound with duct tape, stabbed and weighed down with makeshift anchors were pulled from a river Wednesday after a third bound man, wet and also covered with stab wounds, was found wandering along a road in the dark, police said.


Sydney Morning Herald

'It takes a certain chutzpah to meet ministers in the nude'

Paul Keating has always taken wicked pleasure in cutting his enemies down to size, but his delight in shrinking Bob Hawke's most treasured legend to that of a minnow surely ranks close to the unholiest cut of all.


Chambersburg Public Opinion

Couple plead guilty in man's Craigslist killing

A newlywed couple charged in the stabbing death of a stranger they lured through a Craigslist ad offering companionship pleaded guilty to murder on Tuesday and face mandatory sentences of life without parole.


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Wall Street Journal

Opinion: Best of the Web Today: The Reluctant Warrior

Imagine that President Obama, immediately after his re-election, assembled a sort of reverse bucket list--an enumeration of the things he least wanted to do in his second term.


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Tue Aug 26, 2014

Business Journal

Opinion: Shortsighted approach to tourism costs state money

That's all the more reason why state leaders must find a way to come up with a measly $7.5 million to promote Washington to outsiders.


The Ashland Daily Tidings

Charita Goshay: Ferguson is microcosm of larger frustration

To call Ferguson a suburb is disingenuous. According to the Brookings Institution, the community's poverty rate doubled to 22 percent from 11 percent between 2000 and 2012.


Chambersburg Public Opinion

Crested Butte to be Bud Light's 'Whatever' town

Some people in normally laid back Crested Butte are not up for "Whatever" - a secretive Bud Light plan to paint their mountain town blue and turn it into a fantasy town for an online and television ad campaign.


Penninsula News Review

B.C. VIEWS: Ruts in road to farmland changes

The month-long Agricultural Land Commission consultation closed Aug. 22, and the B.C. government is compiling the feedback received from a province-wide tour and invitation to comment.


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Study: Social media users shy away from opinions

Tired of that friend or relative who won't stop posting or tweeting political opinions? Online loudmouths may be annoying, but a new survey suggests they are in the minority.


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