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16 min ago | RedOrbit

Why Global Warming Is Taking A Break

Image Caption: The number of sunspots varies in multi-year cycles. As a result, solar irradiance, which influences the Earth's climate, also fluctuates.


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4 hrs ago | R & D

Scientists develop water splitter that runs on ordinary AAA battery

In 2015, American consumers will finally be able to purchase fuel cell cars from Toyota and other manufacturers.


8 hrs ago | The Winnipeg Free Press

Coal gas boom in China threatens to spew greenhouse gases as world tries to curb emissions

Deep in the hilly grasslands of remote Inner Mongolia, twin smoke stacks rise more than 200 feet into the sky, their steam and sulfur billowing over herds of sheep and cattle.


Thu Aug 21, 2014


Antarctic Warming Could Accelerate Sea Level Rise

The effect of climate change on the world's two polar regions looks like a stark contrast: the Arctic is warming faster than most of the rest of the Earth, while most of Antarctica appears to remain reassuringly locked in a frigid embrace.


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El Observador

Antarctica's Melting and its Impact on Coastlines

Roddy Scheer & Doug MossEarthTalk The Antarctic continent, roughly the size of the United States and Mexico combined, is composed of rock covered by glaciers some 16,000 feet thick.



Cause for 'The Pause' #32 - Cause of global warming ...

Sounds like a goalpost mover to me. The Oceans that Slowed 21st Century Global Warming Why did the rapid global warming that characterized the latter part of the 20th century slow down over the last 15 years or so? Many different theories have been proposed, but a new study suggests that a massive movement of heat from shallow surface waters to ... (more)

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National Geographic

Has the Atlantic Ocean Stalled Global Warming?

Off the east coast of Greenland, where these icebergs are, salty water sinking into the deep may carry atmospheric heat with it-helping to slow global warming.

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Scientific American

Global Climate Deal May Fail to Restrain Global Warming

The pending Paris climate deal may not keep the world from warming by 2 degrees Celsius - does that mean it would be a failure? The new agreement to be signed in Paris, to take effect in 2020, will essentially replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

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UHI - worse than we thought

Remember when I measured the UHI in Reno, NV ? It seems the normally alarmist "Climate Central" is just now getting around to recognizing UHI, but of course, they have to put in the obligatory disclaimer that it cannot possibly contribute to the global warming signal.


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York Press

Fracking claims refuted by opponent groups

A REPORT claiming a controversial drilling technique would not be as visually intrusive as a wind farm or solar farm has been slammed by those against the process.

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Wed Aug 20, 2014

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

NASA's freaky photo of shrinking glacier

"You can't just look at the rapid retreat you see in these images and say that it is entirely natural or entirely due to human-caused global warming," explained University of Alaska glaciologist Martin Truffer.


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Hispanic Business

Faith Groups Divest From Fossil Fuels

Worried about global warming, a growing number of churches and other faith groups are divesting their holdings in fossil fuel companies that release large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


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National Journal

How Will Latino Voters Change the Global Warming Fight?

An analysis of nine polls tracking Hispanic voter preference released Wednesday shows that Hispanics are increasingly anxious about global warming and environmental conservation.


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The Daily Caller

ANALYSIS: Growth, Not Global Warming, To Blame For Disaster Damage

These days it seems like any time a storm rears its ugly head pundits declare that global warming is to blame.


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American Thinker

Climate-Cooling Policies threaten Food Supplies

A warmer, wetter climate with more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would undoubtedly produce more plant growth and more food.

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Declining Relative Humidity Is Defying Global Warming Models

I am senior fellow for environment policy at the Heartland Institute and managing editor of Environment & Climate News.


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Science Daily

Exporting US coal to Asia could drop emissions 21 percent

Under the right scenario, exporting US coal to power plants in South Korea could lead to a 21 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions compared to burning it at less energy-efficient US plants.


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Tue Aug 19, 2014

American Reporter

MomentumGOODBYE, Norma Jean

Are we so desperate for one last big fix of oil, that we're willing to destroy one of the world's last pristine and unspoiled regions? The U.S. Geological Survey released a report last week stating that the region inside the Arctic Circle contains about one-fifth of the world's undiscovered, recoverable oil.


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The Orlando Sentinel

Scott briefly sits with climate scientists

After months of dodging questions about climate change, Gov. Rick Scott met today with a panel of climate scientists who have been trying to brief him on the human influence on global warming.

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Climate change to cut South Asia's growth 9 percent by 2100: ADB

Climate change will cut South Asia's growth almost 9 percent by the end of the century unless world governments try harder to counter global warming, the Asian Development Bank said on Tuesday.


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