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4 hrs ago | Medical News

Study: Climate change to slowdown growth of global crop yields

The world faces a small but substantially increased risk over the next two decades of a major slowdown in the growth of global crop yields because of climate change, new research finds.


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8 hrs ago | The Daily Republic

Ranchers coming around on global warming

The chorus of global-warming deniers has not shrunk. Outcries claiming the entire issue is fraudulent are not going away.


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Fri Jul 25, 2014


Obama Will Attend UN Climate Summit in New York

President Obama will attend the high-level climate change " summit " that the United Nations plans to hold in New York on September 23, the White House said on Friday.


Free Republic

Most Of The Earth's Species Are About To Be Destroyed In A Giant Mass Extinction

Approximately 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs went extinct, 75% of the planet's many species went with them.


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R & D

Study shows how to power California with wind, water and sun

Imagine a smog-free Los Angeles, where electric cars ply silent freeways, solar panels blanket rooftops and power plants run on heat from beneath the earth, from howling winds and from the blazing desert sun.


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The Daily Caller

Study: Climate Models Overestimated Global Warming For The Last 55 Years

Climate models relied upon by scientists and governments may be greatly overstating the warming that has occurred since the late 1950s, argues a paper analyzing the discrepancies between modeled and observed temperatures.


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Climate Science; Winning The Science Battle, But Losing the Policy War

So-called climate skeptics, practicing proper science by disproving the hypothesis that human CO2 is causing global warming, achieved a great deal.


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Another benefit of global warming - increased forage plants

With a 2A C increase in temperature, the plant Stylosanthes capitata Vogel was able to increase its leaf area and biomass in a study carried out by researchers at the University of SA o Paulo A 2A C increase in temperature around the world by 2050, according to one of the scenarios predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change , may be ... (more)


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Thu Jul 24, 2014

Australia scraps carbon tax in major defeat for global warming alarmism

The misguided war on carbon, which has erroneously become the scapegoat for so-called "global warming," is showing signs of retreat in Australia, where a proposed carbon cap scheme was recently abandoned.


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Hispanic Business

Californians Favor Global Warming Rules, Unless Gas Goes Up

July 24--Californians continue to strongly support their state's efforts to reduce greenhouse gases -- until they find out it involves higher gasoline prices, according to a new poll released Wednesday.


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Bellingham Herald

Bookmonger: Portland professor connects Cold War with global warming

I wouldn't characterize "Behind the Curve" as a great summer read. But how could I ignore this book by Reed College professor Joshua P. Howe, which takes a hard look at the scientific study of global climate change and how the phenomenon has been variously interpreted, ignored and embraced by policy makers at various levels over the last half ... (more)


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The Heartland Institute

Mismanagement, Not Global Warming, Caused Chicago Sewage Overflows

Global warming is not the reason why Chicago's 1800s-era sewer system occasionally floods people's basements, despite Washington Post propaganda to the contrary.


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The Daily Caller

Oxfam Joins The Global Warming Shakedown

Oxfam International , a UK-based non-profit, changed its mission to ending poverty and injustice.


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Pique News Magazine

Canada's cities lead on climate action

Amid the dire warnings about global warming's impacts, what's often overlooked is that actions to reduce or prevent them will lead to livable communities, improved air quality, protection of natural spaces and greater economic efficiency, to name just a few benefits.


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Survey: Strong Support for Global Warming Law Tempered by Concerns About Gas, Electricity Prices

More specifically, strong majorities support two aspects of the state's efforts to address global warming: a requirement that oil companies produce cleaner transportation fuels, and the goal that a third of California's electricity come from renewable energy sources.


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Wed Jul 23, 2014


Smartphone charging spews out megatons of greenhouse gases

For the first time, smartphone shipments have reached 1 billion . That probably means a lot of calling, texting, and app use.


Free Republic

130 Environmental Groups Call For An End To Capitalism

Environmentalists have declared that global warming can't be stopped without ending the 'hegemonic capitalist system,' saying that cap-and-trade systems and conservation efforts are 'false solutions.'


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Christian Science Monitor

A pause in global warming? Studies try to better explain what's happened.

Vacationers enjoy the warm and sunny weather Tuesday, July 22, 2014, along the dunes at Silver Beach off Lake Michigan in St. Joseph, Mich.


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The Brad Blog

Aborted Statewide Controllers Race 'Recount' Reveals Its a Great Time to Steal a CA Election

A Rightwing caller's admission in response to Brad on a radio show in NC underscores unparalleled propaganda power of Fox 'News'... HBO's fake news show Last Week Tonight offered smarter coverage than you're likely to see anywhere else... Another Zombie Myth that just won't die gets knocked down again...for now...even as its persistence continues ... (more)


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Africa: Growth, Global Warming Threaten African Species

Researchers meeting in Cameroon say Africa may lose up to 30 percent of its animal and plant species by the end of the century due to global warming, population growth and unregulated development.


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