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21 min ago | News Democrat

This election puts women in the driver's seat

Let's be clear. As the majority of the population, the majority of registered voters, and the majority of those who actually show up at the polls, women can determine the outcome of any election.


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4 hrs ago | CBC News

Anti-abortion postcards targeting Brian Gallant lead to complaints

The City of Fredericton says it received a "significant number of complaints" from residents who discovered graphic anti-abortion postcards in their mailboxes on Monday morning. The postcards depict the remains of a purported five-month-old aborted fetus, along with a photo of Liberal Leader Brian Gallant and the message: "A vote for Brian Gallant and the Liberals is a vote for this."


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5 hrs ago | Alabama Live

Democrat Joe Hubbard accuses Attorney General Luther Strange of distorting abortion views

A video produces by the campaign of Attorney General Luther Strange asks, "Which is it, Joe?" in accusing Democratic challenger Joe Hubbard of contradictory statements on abortion. A Democrat running for Alabama attorney general on Monday said he would demand that TV stations not run an ad he calls false and misleading.


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9 hrs ago | National Review Online

Arina O. Grossu: Obamacare's Abortion Shell Game

If they did, we sought to find out how much the abortion surcharge is and how that surcharge is billed. The effort was partly intended to reveal how "transparent" and accessible this information was - it turns out it's anything but.


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11 hrs ago | Townhall

Why an Abortion Group is Attacking Me to Raise Money

NARAL Pro-Choice America -- an extreme abortion advocacy organization that re-branded in 2003 by scrubbing 'abortion' from its official name -- blasted out a nationwide fundraising email to supporters over the weekend, entitled, "insulting even for Fox News." It expressed indignance over some outrageously outrageous comments made recently by a Fox News commentator: Namely, yours truly.


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12 hrs ago | News Max

Film Praises Late-Term Abortion Doctors

PBS recently aired "After Tiller," a documentary that lauds doctors in the United States who openly perform late-term abortions. The film leaves out essential facts, falsely stereotypes the pro-life movement, and disingenuously sanitizes the practice of partial birth abortion.


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17 hrs ago | U.U. World

All are welcome, to a point

What is reproductive justice? Women need more than a right to choose. Unitarian Universalists are joining a broader movement seeking reproductive justice.


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Sun Sep 14, 2014

The Washington Post

Shifting his views, Rand Paul seeks broader appeal - but may risk his outsider image

From aid for Israel to abortion to Medicare, Sen. Rand Paul has been shading, changing or dropping some of the positions he espoused as a tea-party-backed candidate and as a new senator. Sen. Rand Paul wanted to eliminate aid to Israel.


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New York Magazine

My Year As an Abortion Doula

Welcome to Ovaries Week - the Cut's exploration of the female reproductive system, in its many confusing, intense, sometimes challenging, sometimes funny, often surprising facets. My first patient ever stares at me blankly when I say the doctor will see her soon.


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San Francisco Feminism: Go Ahead, Abort Girls

Supervisor David Chiu wants San Francisco to become the first American city to oppose any ban on sex-selective abortions. It apparently has not occurred to him why no other city has chosen to do so.


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Daily Kos

#NoFundU - Boycott GoFundMe Until They Treat Abortion As Any Other Medical Procedure

News broke this week that Go Fund Me, the popular crowd-sourcing site, bans all funding projects for any pro-choice campaigns, but accepts pro-life campaigns. I hope you will join me in the following pledge.


CBC News

Abortion rights trump MPs' freedom to vote their conscience, Trudeau says

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has said that any Liberal MP, regardless of their personal beliefs, would have to vote against any proposed legislation that could limit a women's right to an abortion. Women's reproductive rights trump the freedom of Liberal members of parliament to vote their conscience on abortion, Justin Trudeau said, adding that it's time that his party "actually defended rights."


American Thinker

The Religion of Liberalism and the 'Killing of Innocents'

In his primetime speech about going after ISIL , a sibilant Barack Obama promised America that "[w]e will degrade, and ultimately destroy" the band of head-chopping thugs that, with each passing day, is growing larger and stronger. The problem for America is that the president conveyed the message with significantly less conviction than when he promised us that with ObamaCare we could keep our own doctors .


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Sat Sep 13, 2014

Daytona Beach News-Journal Online

Abortion debate shows women key to Florida governor election

One bill on a hot social issue in politics today, handled quite differently by Gov. Rick Scott and predecessor-turned-challenger Charlie Crist, has surged to the forefront in their intense campaign for governor. Crist, a Democrat, launched a new television ad last week featuring a bill Scott signed into law in 2011, one requiring doctors to show women an ultrasound or have it described to them before they can undergo an abortion unless they sign a form declining to see it.


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Amanda Marcotte Blasts Women 'Working Tirelessly to Screw Over Other Women'

Far-left Amanda Marcotte launched her own war on women in a Thursday article for the Alternet website. Specifically, she targeted nine conservative women who, in her view, " have made a career out of opposing women's struggle for social, political and economic equality ."


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Abortion-Ban Proponents Running in Jefferson County

I wrote last week about how senatorial candidate Cory Gardner's support for Colorado's personhood abortion ban was part of his formula for winning the 2010 Republican caucus process, which was a big step to his being elected to Congress. If you look at the State Senate races in Jefferson County today, you see that the influence of key personhood backers persists, meaning that Cory Gardner would have likely faced the same pressure to embrace personhood positions today as he did then.


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Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

New Missouri Abortion Regs Are Insulting to Women

Earlier this week, Missouri passed a new law mandating a 72-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions. Advocates for the law argue that this will give women sufficient time to make the decision with a clear head, but this logic is insulting.


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Arkansas Times

Anti-abortion groups endorse Asa Hutchinson

It's hardly a surprise that the national and Arkansas "Right to Life" groups have endorsed Asa Hutchinson . He not only opposes abortion , he supports the unconstitutional 12- and 20-week abortion bans by the Arkansas legislature.


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Democrats decry jailing of mother over abortion drug

The case of a woman from rural Pennsylvania who was sentenced to jail time last week for furnishing so-called abortion pills to her pregnant daughter is receiving growing national attention. Her cause also is being picked up by Democrats who say the unusual criminal case is the result of Republicans' continued hostility toward women and their reproductive rights.


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Fri Sep 12, 2014

Fire Dog Lake

Austin Banner Drop for Texas Abortion Access

On Thursday activists in Austin, Texas performed a " banner drop " - tying a painted sheet to a highway overpass - above Interstate Highway 35 during a busy evening's rush hour. The banner read, "Abortions Save Lives, Keep Clinics Open, Block #HB2 ."


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