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Jul 30, 2012

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Transport Brokers Trick You For Your Business

The auto transport industry is stressful enough without having to deal with dishonest auto transport brokers that will do anything to get your business. Although the supply and demand tips towards the demand for truckers to have your vehicle moved, still brokerage firms battle it out till the end to seal the deal. How do they do it, you might ask? Simple – they offer you the cheapest quote. Money rules the world, no question. If you are planning on having your car moved from your small town of Williamsport, PA all the way to Miami, FL, wouldn’t you rather pay $500 versus $700? So there you have it, brokers propose to beat all other quotes that you are receiving in order to get your business. Once they have convinced you to go with them, they go for the kill and request a deposit. Usually a deposit is $100 to $200. Once that card number is provided, that’s it, you’re done. Now remember that really low quote they offered you? All of a sudden, it is harder to get a trucker or carrier to move your vehicle for that low a price – go figure. Since you’ve already spent money by giving a deposit you have no other choice but to listen to what they are saying. And you’ll even agree to all of their explanations as to why you must increase your price in order to get a trucker’s interest in moving your car. Carriers, also known as trucking companies, will agree to move a vehicle if they can somewhat profit from it. To profit from a move they must consider various factors, such as gas prices, the distance of the move, how remote the pick-up and drop-off locations are, the weight of the vehicle, etc. If it will cost them $400 to move your car, why on earth would they accept to move it for $350? Brokers have enough experience to gage how high or low a quote must be in order to attract a trucker or carrier to take the job. Therefore, please be aware that if they urge you to up your price after promising you this original low quote and taking your deposit that they knew this all along. The trick to not getting tricked is to opt for an auto transport brokerage firm that does not request or demand a deposit up front. That puts more pressure on the broker to offer you a realistic quote in order to get your business as they know that there is nothing to hold you to giving them your business. Ethical and hard working companies like Zip Ship have a strict no deposit policy. They pride themselves in providing upstanding customer service and realistic quotes. Although they will do everything in their power to get you the lowest possible price, their goal is to offer a fair market price so that both parties are happy, therefore you the customer and the trucking company or carrier service. For more information about how the auto transport industry works and to get clear answers on the ins and outs of the process and what to expect, check out the Zip Ship website today or call now.  (Sep 18, 2012 | post #1)

Los Angeles, CA

Prepping Your Car for the Big Move

Great news! You’ve just graduated from College. You’ve applied for an entry level position at a financial firm in none other than New York City. Apart from having to move your entire life from your parents’ house in Duluth Minnesota to your new apartment in Brooklyn, you have to be in the city within the week to start your new job. Yikes! No problem – have all your belongings shipped, meanwhile book a flight asap to give yourself a couple of days to find a place to live. So, what do you do with your car? That’s where Zip Ship comes in. Zip Ship provides excellent customer service and affordable prices to have your vehicle moved anywhere in North America. But it seems like having your car moved requires so much preparation. It really doesn’t as our agents at Zip Ship will guide you through the process, give you updates on when your car will be picked up, during its route and just before it has reached destination. But you may ask yourself this question: since I’m having my car moved and I will be shipping my stuff anyway, why can’t I just pack my car full of all my belongings? This is a valid question. Most companies will not accept to move a car that is packed with items, or they will if it has less than a certain amount of weight. Mostly, companies do not want to be held liable for items that could break or get stolen during the trajectory and therefore will usually tell the customer just that. Still, it is best to ask the broker once he or she has found a trucker to pick-up your vehicle. Another common question is whether or not there are things to do to the car before its big move. The answer is yes, there are recommended steps to take to ensure the move happens smoothly and the car is not damaged. One misconception is that the tank of gas should be empty, but in fact it is best to have some gas in the tank in case the trucker needs to move the car. You may want to remove antennas from the roof of your car as well. One reason why it is critical to work with a reliable auto transport company is that you want to make sure they are properly ensured in the instance of an accident or damage to your car. The trucker should take photos and write up a full report regarding the current state of the vehicle being picked up. All scratches, marks and dents should be accounted for. Upon delivery another report is completed to make sure there are no added scratches or damage to the vehicle. Being prepared is key to keeping your car safe. Zip Ship will not only provide you with the high standards you deserve but will help you throughout the process of moving your car from start to finish, and answer all of your questions. Check out our website for more info.  (Sep 6, 2012 | post #1)


Shipping Wars: Figuring Out the Auto Transport World

Oh the war to take on a move and make that extra cash is thrilling, and now can be seen in the show Shipping Wars. It definitely caught my attention considering I currently work for a brokerage firm that helps facilitate just that, the bidding war between the trucker and the customer who needs his or her vehicle moved from one city to another. If you are a fan of the new show Shipping Wars, you already have an understanding of the way the auto transport industry functions. And for those of you who haven’t watched the show yet, check it out because it will help get you familiar with the world of trucking companies, brokerage firms that call to get your business, and it really shows you why this business is so competitive. When filling out a form to get a free quote online to have your car moved, you may be surprised at the discrepancy between the different quotes you receive. And then, you may be surprised at the number of calls and emails you get from brokers trying to get your business. Shipping wars explains just that. Quotes vary depending on the route, distance, time of year, gas prices, cargo, etc. You can get lucky and find a carrier that will move your car from Hoboken, NJ to Sacramento, CA for $200-$300 less than other carriers just because it so happens to be his exact route, he needs to fill up the remaining spot on his truck and is pressed for time and therefore needs to accept a lower quote. But the rule of thumb is that this is not usually the case. Most carriers cannot accept unrealistic quote to move a vehicle because the cost of transporting the vehicle outweighs the offered price. Hence the bidding war starts, selling tactics are used by brokers to seal the deal and people just like you who just want to find a fair price to have your car moved have no idea which company to go with. Zip Ship is a brokerage firm that although strives to get the lowest price for you, still tries to find a realistic middle ground where both parties are happy, and therefore prides itself in never using binding sales tactics where customers are taken advantage of. Check out their website for more tips. And of course check out Shipping Wars for an in depth look into the fast paced world of auto transport whether it is to learn more or for pure entertainment.  (Aug 24, 2012 | post #1)


Snowbirds Know Best For Moving Their Car

The auto transportation industry is without a doubt dependent on the snowbirds; all the retired folks who go to Florida or other hot spots during the winter and back to their hometown in Minnesota for the summer. Most of them prefer flying and relying on a transportation company to move their car. The transportation company they choose or brokerage firm they decide to do business with is definitely a testament to the level of reliability, professionalism and fair price the transport company or broker offers. Therefore, this is a great way to identify who to take your business to if you are also faced with the possibility of having your vehicle moved. Zip Ship, which is a brokerage firm that works with people like you to find the perfect deal with the right trucker to move your car does just that: helps the snowbirds get their car back and forth, year after year. After years of providing excellent service to people from all over the country, Zip Ship has made it its mission to not only serve, but also put aside sales tactics and simply stick to the facts of the industry and explaining to new clients how it all works and why the price is the way it is. When I was working as an auto transport broker, potential clients that needed their car moved would often tell me that they had gotten a better quote elsewhere. I would then ask them what that quote was, and as expected, it was usually unrealistic when taking into consideration all factors, such as distance, route, gas prices and timeframe. I always tried to explain to them that of course I would love to give them such a low quote except that it would do none of us any good if no trucker was willing to take the job because of the price being so low. It is a very big gamble. Now, some clients have the luxury of being able to wait. Having their car moved is not pressing, therefore trying to make a low quote work is a possibility, but the client must understand that their car may not be moved for months. It comes down to going with a transport company or brokerage firm that knows the business and is honest about the business, and trust me, the snowbirds are smart when it comes to hiring the right company to move their car. To learn more about how the auto transportation industry works, and to answer any common questions about what to do and not do when having your vehicle moved, go to today.  (Aug 16, 2012 | post #1)

Los Angeles, CA

Moving Your Car Without the Hassle

Having to hire a company to move your car from one city to another, or one state to another, is not necessarily something you will do more than once in a lifetime. Of course, if you are part of the Snowbird elite, than it becomes a yearly ordeal. Still, understanding how this particular industry works can be overwhelming and the move can be more costly than you imagined. Some people even opt to have a friend or relative to move their car to avoid just that: the hassle. But if you need to outsource the move, here are a couple of tips you must know. There are several sites that offer reviews about professional vehicle moving companies, so that’s a great start to a successful move. The most important site is called TransportReviews.c om. It offers free information about how to protect yourself when having to move your vehicle, as well as pertinent reviews on moving companies and brokerage firms. It even gives you the average cost to move your vehicle in accordance with the distance of the move. It will give you a better idea of what to expect once you’ve decided to venture into the wonderful world of free online quotes, and start receiving tons of calls and emails from brokers that want your business. This brings me to my next tip: choosing a reputable company right from the start to avoid being hassled by a million different brokers trying to get your business by saying just about anything. Zip Ship has been in business for many years now and prides itself on just that, providing honest and reliable customer service. Its great reputation is reflected on TransportReviews.c om. Zip Ship does not try to get your business by demanding a deposit upfront or promising you an unrealistic price, no! Zip Ship studies the supply and demand for the move depending on the destination and time of year, as well as factors in the price of gas, etc. Customers get a true understanding of how the estimated quote is established. It all comes down to this. If the process of having your car moved makes you anxious, it is always best to go with a company that not only has a flawless reputation, but that can explain the process in detail to answer all your questions and concerns. For more information, follow this link:  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)