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Jun 3, 2010

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Vancouver, WA

Former Vancouver newspaper home may become City Hall

I,ve been in this new building doing repairs for the Columbian news paper when they first moved in and all I can say is,this place is HUGE. The columbian moved out since the cost to run this building was too high of a cost.I beleive this building is too big to become the new city Hall and the cost to run this building will be too high for the Tax payers. I agree we do need a new city hall but not this building since there will be alot of wasted space and the energy cost will cut deeply in our pockets just to run it. I think it would be cheeper in the long run to plan the right size building on paper first for the actual space needed for a new city hall then build it to fit there needs.  (Jun 5, 2010 | post #1)

Vancouver, WA

Immigration - Vancouver, WA

I agree with you.Im in the remodeling trade and to add to the drywall part I passed an appartment construction project early in the morning one day and found a large group of mexicans (probbly all illigals) standing and squatting in circles with there tapeing knives waiting for the contractor to arrive.So yes I agree they are here to take every job and every cent from us illigaly and when there done they will move to the next project and the next and the next.  (Jun 3, 2010 | post #9)

Vancouver, WA

Immigration - Vancouver, WA

With Senator Patty Murray In office she is allowing Illigals to come into this state and give them the right to get a driver licenses when they Can't they even read the road signs. This allows them to run freely around our state seeking our jobs. Senator Murray is all for immigration and chain migration witch allows illigals to come here to have there anchor babies then bring there aunts, uncles,mom's and dads and every relative they have here to washington state where they can live off of every tax paying person here in this state and on top of that allowing McDonalds and other businesses to pay them under the table.So on top of there welfare and all there free money from our pockets plus tax free working money from busineses,we are paying millions on top of millions of tax dollars to make illigals feel right at home.Right now there are over 145,000 illigals here in washington state maybe more since this number was added in 2006,we are #11 on the National list (washington state)for illigals.Senator Patty murray Must be voted out of office. If you want to see her stats on immigration,check out this site file.php3?DistSend =WA&VIPID=840 and don't forget to check out her F- on her report card on her Immigration actions. I Support Arizona's new Immigration Laws and wish to adopt it here in washington state as well.  (Jun 3, 2010 | post #8)

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