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Mar 30, 2008

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The U.S.-Egyptian Breakup

USA is in very bad shape: America, as said, invaded Iraq to get rid of Sadam Hussein, establish democratic system then supposed to leave and let the Iraqis practice what the Americans taught them in more than a decade. To accomplish this, young innocent American men and women in uniform lost their lives or have been living with permanent disabilities, not to mention ailment of the American economy. In Egypt, with no demand for American invasion to establish democratic system, no need for the young Americans to lose their lives in a military invasion, the Egyptians are now seeying how America surrender its Will and Principles under pressure from Israel-First Americans. Even top officials from the ruling Party spoke to the public through TV channels saying Egypt will never be back to what was there Before Jan 25. I was able to see on TV the former Mubarak's national security advisor DR Ossama El Baz Last night among the protesters; I listened to Ex Minister Moh. Rashid speaking to the Public through a satelite TV channel and he virtually supported the demands of the protesters/sympath ised with the protesters. The man was sacked a week ago. Only USA & Israel are against the Egyptians' dreams for Democracy. It seems that America prefers to see Egypt as corrupt, weak & needy just to please its sweetheart Israel. I can't immagine how America ignored its support/strong relations with the immigrant Christian American/Egyptians and has been blind/unable to see how our Egyptian Coptic Churches have been protected from the raids of the thugs/looters by the young Muslim volunteers?!!! Scenes in Tahrir Square never witnessed before, take one: The first public Christian Mass Service on Egyptian soil took place last Sunday in Tahrir Square Christian Egyptian Protesters had teir Sunday service surounded by their Muslim Egyptian Protestes!! I watched on TV yesterday a Christian Clergy man in a priest's uniform in Tarisr Square and holding a Cross and he was carried by the Protesters cheering him through the Crowds. We the Muslim Egyptians have never been so close to the Copts under that corrupt regime. But America chose to be blind??!!!!  (Feb 8, 2011 | post #166)

Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West

Forgot to mention: Reform has begun in Jordan & Algeria and the People there demanding for more, ie. not satisfied with what the Government did to avoid a revolution, Tunesian/Egyptian style.  (Feb 7, 2011 | post #11096)

Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West

I am still receiving alerts of this thread as going on?!!! I am Muslim Egyptian and I thought those Zionist extremists talking here to themselves should feel embarassed as the current people's revolutions in the MidEast show how erronous their theories are about us. The MidEast has been witnessing Masses of unarmed Tunessians then Egyptians & Yemmenies marching into the streets demanding for Democracy in its western style. Here in Egypt; we are determined to have a free nation of citizens enjoying full human rights, a nation of united Egyptians, Muslims and Copts. See who is wishing if we fail and return back to the Control of a Totalitarian regime: Israel. Shimon Perez (President of Israel) said to his European guests Poetry praizing How Mubarak is a Noble Peaceful Man !!! Israel managed to persaude USA & EU to slow down their support to the Egyptian people's revolution against corruption and police oppression. Guys; take a break and leave us concentrate on our demands for stronger Egypt, stronger Arab Nations, with Democracy not Wars. The Youth Revolution is aiming at turning Egypt into a prosperous nation for every Egyptian to be proud of and enjoying living in. They have Muslims and Christian Egyptians united in Tahrir (Liberation) Square, they have musical bands orchestrating their singing for a Free Society, they forbid any religous banners, only: Free Egypt for All the Egyptians. The Middle Class began that revolution and then the poor and the needy were also inspired by their slogans. In my page in facebook I receive posts from the young Egyptians calling the Liberation Square a new name: The Revolution Square, their revolution, their generation's revolution, their desire to revolt aginst tyrany and establish a true democratic society respecting the basic human reights. I think you can never swallow the Change in the MidEast. You long for keeping your sweetheart Israel as the only Democratic society in the MidEast (only democratic with its Jewish population, Arabs work in Israel as slaves).  (Feb 7, 2011 | post #11095)

Do we need NATO to save us from savages like they did in ...

I had to wait in a que for 15 minutes until my car had its turn to get inspected by security personnel before I was allowed to enter a gate to a Parking lot of one of the largest shopping Malls here in Alexandria, Egypt. Same time-consuming security measures are taken in other Public places here in Alexandria. We are restless from the threats of having more explosions hitting any place any time. Who needs this anxioty? Who looks for having Fear dominate his/her daily life? We the Egyptians, Muslims and Copts/Christians, are Threatened by whoever responsible for the Mass killing that happened last Friday midnight. Al Quida managed to get through the security checks at airports/sea-ports. I overheard people talking about possible hit at a Mosque at noon prayer time tomorrow (Holyday) done by Al Quida to initiate what can look like a serial hit for hit (revenge) between the Muslims and Copts, very similar to what used to take place at Iraq between Sunnies and Shiaety sects. Egypt, People and Government, are at Alert for the Threats we are facing. It has not become a Problem for the Copts only, It is a problem for All of the Egyptians; we are facing it and Together we will irradicate whoever manged to infilterate and hit then escape.  (Jan 6, 2011 | post #4)

Muslims Burning Christian Homes an 'Act of Fate,' Say Egy...

Family Fued/Revenge for Honor took place in Southern Egypt. I read in official Egyptian website that a Christian young man was discovered as having intimate relationship with a Muslim girl. This if happened in an urban setting in Egypt; most likely it could have passed without burning houses/exchane shooting by machine guns. Instead; it happended in a village of Southern Egypt, a rural & very conservative society. This place in Egypt witnessed a similar case one year ago. Christian young man & Muslim young girl but it was a Rape case, not intimate relationship. The case is still in the court room. The hot and violent reaction of the Muslims in that rural surroundings came as if: Not again! I am not defending or justifying violence, my dearest friend is an Egyptian Copt/Christian. He is the only classmate since college years that I still have him as my sincere friend. He lives away from Alexandria, I call him long distance when I need advice and so he does. We meet now and then either in Alexandria or Cairo. Details? Yes, to show that not all of the Muslim/Christian relations in Egypt as Violent/Ominus as in the News. Extremists are present on either side. Just someone trigger an event, and voila; fire works begin. Southern Egypt is known for such violent Family Fueds between Muslim vs Muslim families. If the fighting neighbors were of different religions, it jumps from Family Fued to Religous Oppression.  (Nov 21, 2010 | post #1)

Consumer survey reveals Egyptian retail purchasing habits

"A recent consumer survey among Egyptian males and females found that Egypt is a family-orientated consumer market, with a high demand for diverse consumer products." If this is the conclusion; I can't see if there is any unique trend relevant to the place, Egypt. I rather find this statement as applicable everywhere. One member of a family can purchase all that his/her family needs depending on a list in a cut paper. Alternatively; the whole family does the shopping as I am used to see here in the shopping Malls of Alexandria, Egypt. Families here consider their weekly shopping from a medium to large-sized Malls as serving 2 purposes, shopping plus entertainment!! How comes entertainment? Because large luxorious Malls are newly introduced into the Egyptian market. Consequently; spending time there is considered as a nice vaccation time, yes even though it was spent in collecting grocery/detergents /school paper needs, etc. I hope I managed to make this obscure statement as clear.  (Nov 21, 2010 | post #1)

Ramadan Kareem

Link to the Youth Club House ( below 30 yrs old) < http://www.smouhac umsss/manteket_el_ shabab/index.htm > Enjoy  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #904)

Ramadan Kareem

Link to the Olympic Swimming Pool (there are smaller pools: for kids 3-5 yrs, 5-10 yrs, 10-15 yrs): < http://www.smouhac umsss/pool/index.h tm > Enjoy  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #903)

Ramadan Kareem

Link to the Main Club House: < http://www.smouhac umsss/club_house/i ndex.htm > Enjoy  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #902)

Ramadan Kareem

Here is the Link to the Map of the Club with English used in titles: < http://www.smouhac option=com_content &task=view &id=119&It emid=128 > Enjoy  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #901)

Ramadan Kareem

Advice: Go directly to < http://www.smouhac umsss/frosia/index .htm > It has the nicest pictures. Frosia in Arabic means: Horse Riding the "Son of God" who took those pictures is so stupid that in 15 pictures he didn't care for showing one, even one, Horse with or without a Rider!!!!!!!! He/She showed the stables with windows shut, horses inside yu should assume that!!!! My loveliest time at the Horse's Corner is when I have a walk through the stables and massage the head of the horses I feel as calm and peaceful as I prefer them to be. I avoid the restless ones. They are reminders of the Violence in Wars.  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #900)

Ramadan Kareem

Guide to See the Club's "Album of Pictures": On the right of the Home page, yes below the picture of the Club's Chairman of the Board; Mohamed Farag Amer, a Business Tycoon, (Egyptian version of Britain's Al Faied), yu will find a column/scrolled down in green, the last partition in green (before the brown partition) is the Album of Pictures, double click, yu will get into the Album, yu will find the Map with English titles for the Club's main places, click on the English writing then keep clicking on the pictures that will show up, double click will elarge yr choice of pictures. Enjoy Enjoy  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #899)

Ramadan Kareem

If yu would like to have a look at the club in which I daily have my Running Exercise, Here is the Link to its Homepage: < http://www.smouhac > Regretfully; I didnt see options for Language but yu may get what yu wish to look at from the pictures. The Home page still has one of its pictures showing a paper version of the Holy Quran. It says (in Arabic): Ramadan Kareem, A Contest for the Members in Reciting the Holy Quran( off-the-heart ). Still, in our Egyptian society with tremendous westernization going on, those who can recite the Holy Quran - off the heart - ( can tell the entire Holy Book out of/depending on their memory cells) - are highly respected and usually people ask them for advice in religous matters. Enjoy  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #898)

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem 6 th Day after End of Ramadan's Fasting: Just finished my early morning Running exercise at the Country Club (Smouha Social/Sporting Club). I can say, only this morning and after Running the last few days; I managed to return back to my Running fitness after Ramadan's Fasting/No Running during the Holy Month. I even broke the last record of time taken during Running the Horse track before Ramadan. This Morning Record according to my Stop watch is: 14:26:75 Before Ramadan was: 14:57:58 Much better record after fasting the Holy Month. I hope this record could be maintained, if not brocken for the better. Amen  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #896)

Ramadan Kareem

Both yr post and also Lenai's post are articullately written, I may describe them as sophisticated self-analysis. Rare to find such daring/revealing posts, usually the Net is wasted in posts of the War-Zone style. My Respect to both of yu.  (Oct 4, 2008 | post #894)

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