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Aug 28, 2012

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9 Months To Love You

okay, well um, yeah so I'm not getting it fixed any time, I mean, if anyone, I don't know who, you could work together? Idk if you want to continue this, not saying you should, but not saying you can't, I mean you can if you want, & when I come back, well we'll see from there :) again, thanks, and bye :)  (Jan 8, 2013 | post #1334)

9 Months To Love You

:( I give up... well not technically... but, I'm not gonna post until I get something fixed :( My iPod...It's broken and I don't want to write while I see the cracks on it just staring at me cause it just makes me sad :( I'm so sorry guys :( Thank you all for reading <3  (Jan 8, 2013 | post #1333)

9 Months To Love You

Awww you Guys :'D Thank you!!  (Jan 7, 2013 | post #1330)

9 Months To Love You

Harry's POV I facepalmed myself She wasnt in any danger What. "Samantha, you can't just say that." I exclaimed "Well, sorry! Okay? Jeff the Killer was on my freaking screen! What else was I supossed to do!?" "Um, not tell me your dieing?" I said She sighed and sat back down on her chair. "....I'm sorry." She finally said I looked up and shook my head. "You know, we're both weird?" She stood quiet for a minute and just played with her fingers. Until she finally got up and said, "At least I don't have 4 nipples." And walked away "Oh my god...." I sighed out. I layed back down on the couch. Why do they always have to go for my nipples?? Niall's POV I probably Didnt seem like I was dieing... But oh, I was. As soon as Louis drove us home, I freaking wanted to vomit. I mean, Liam had already given me something to help me, and it helped...during the shoot. But when we were just five minutes in to the drive back home, oh my god it felt like my insides were puking itself out. Ew. "Niall, get out." Louis said as he reached over "Wait," I started, "I'll do it at my own pace." But no, Louis grabbed my hand and yanked me out. "God what the fuck, I told you I would do it on my own!" I exclaimed "Niall, shut up and head into your room." "Shut up, you don't tell me what to do." I said as I pointed at Louis. He sighed and pushed me into the building Oh oh, now he was just looking for trouble. "Dont, you, dare, touch me." I said as I gritted my teeth. I don't care if he had a good intention, I freaking told him I could do it myself. Why is he going into my buisness?? "Niall, what's wrong with you? Head in and shut up." "Louis, shut the fuck up if you don't want me to hurt you." Louis gawfawed and stepped back. "How exactly are you going to hurt me?? With your leprahchaun powers??" He blurted out Thats it. I stepped back, and then walked faster towards him and pulled my fist back. As I got nearer, I pulled my fist in, and was about to make contact when freaking Zayn came in. "Niall, what are you doing?" He asked I pulled back my fist from his hand and pulled my sleeve of my sweater down. "Nothing, " I muttered as I walked into the building. Yeah, that's right, I walked away.  (Jan 7, 2013 | post #1329)

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