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Dec 30, 2012

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Melrose Park, IL

Mayor Serpico's fundraising.

So sad ...if all You can bring to the table is a 1 (one) letter TYPO. HOW TYPICAL !! Good night . God Bless America !!! DIVIDED:: di·vid·ed [dih-vahy-did] - adjective 1. separated; separate. 2. disunited. 3. shared; apportioned. 4. (of a leaf) cut into distinct portions by incisions extending to the midrib or base. Example sentences  (Jan 2, 2013 | post #30)

Melrose Park, IL

Mayor Serpico's fundraising.

While I am in total agreement with the First Amendment (AMENDMENT 1) TO THE United States Constitution,,, abridging the "Freedom of Speech", I say to you, "You are entitled to speak your mind." However, there are also laws in the United States, protecting our citizens from people like you, who without the proper ammunition, so NEGATIVELY speak of, and BASH a person's reputation.. People, who are trying to make POSITIVE CHANGES in this so very Devided Town. I truly hope you have some hard core evidence in place to back up your Potty Mouth. An individual like you can get him or herself in legal trouble for SLANDER//DEFAMATIO N OF CHARACTER... It is soo much easier to have such a NEGATIVE ATTITUDE...It takes no effort!! Furthermore, how cowardly of you to post anonymously. You will not retain anonymity forever... The TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL. I am one of the few Original Melrose Park Resients who still lives here. It saddens me to see that our "Community " does NOT pull together and support Change. A change that can make Our Town a Better Place to live. What happened to DIVERSITY ?? Always a good thing huh ?? Now it's my turn to exercise my rights in the FIRST AMENDMENT the BILL OF RIGHTS!! To Jesus, "Jesse" Martinez for Mayor Antonio "Tony" Favela - Village Clerk Jose Luis De La Torre - Trustee Juana "Juanita " Guerra - Trustee Rolando Villegas - Trustee Ronald "Ronnie" Fabiani - Trustee Michael "Mike" Godinez - Trustee Sandy Sifuentes - Trustee You are doing a GREAT JOB !! REFORM MELROSE PARK !! As for the very BITTER individual, who chooses to DISRESPECT some of our FINEST Melrose Park Residents, I suggest you keep your DRAMA in the privacy of your home. We all know that D.R.A.M.A. equals Dumb Retards asking for More Attention. Have a GREAT day. I pray the New Year enlightens you to change your UGLY ATTITUDE. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!  (Dec 30, 2012 | post #27)