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Apr 7, 2013

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Prime minister stands behind other staff involved in Duff...

With only 2 Senators out of the Red Chamber,I was thinking of applying, I could be bought and join the Liar's club course I'd be double dipping as I' m retired with a generous pension from Hydro One, Old age and Canada pension Total===just under $3000.oo a month,of course I would only serve for 2 years as I'm 73, wow $135,000.oo plus a staff and expenses, Nah , forget it, just couldn't do it !!! ------------------ ----------------  (Nov 26, 2013 | post #2)


Navy may be shortchanged because of budget problems: auditor

Irving has long been sponging off the taxpayer when it comes to building military ships. They knew the federal budget up front; the number of ships within the stated budget would be a bit of a gamble, but would also be an incentive to keep the project within budget. However, having a hard figure BEFORE you have a hard design is totally unrealistic. For the Conservatives, they get little in the way of political payback for building warships in Nova Scotia. So, is it the best use of taxpayer funds to subsidise these shipyards, or should we outsource the project to shipyards that already have a good track record?. That would preclude the Brits given their unloading of the yellow (as in lemon) subs. ------------------ ---  (Nov 26, 2013 | post #2)


Quebec landlady tells story of her run-in with a sovereig...

It seems the court system cannot deal with these freeman people . This is a time for bikers and the mafia to step forward. For a fee I believe this man can be taken care of. Everyday Canadians are punished more severely for non-payment of a traffic ticket. ------------------ ---------  (Nov 26, 2013 | post #9)

Strategy Game

do u like online adult games ...

No absolutely not it gives me a headache  (Apr 7, 2013 | post #83)