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Dec 18, 2006

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Matthew Macfadyen

where did you first meet & fall for Matthew Macfadyen?

I KNOW!! I wish I knew...NZ is big but not that big. Hehe. Quite a few people managed to see Tom Cruise when he was filming The Last Samurai. I just found a site that said the studio was Henderson Valley for IMFD. That's in West Auckland where I live...that means if he was filming there he would have been 15 minutes from my house! This can't be right...wouldn't I have sensed it? lol  (Dec 22, 2006 | post #19)

Matthew Macfadyen

Is MM a secret "love" for anybody??????

Hi, it's EXACTLY the same for me. Isn't it amazing how so many women have been affected! The DVD should advertise this forum so women know where to go once they've watched they know that they're not alone.  (Dec 21, 2006 | post #5)

Matthew Macfadyen

New Darcy TSBO chapter up!

Sharon needs to be published, she's a fantastically talented woman.  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #3)

Matthew Macfadyen

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Have a great Xmas everyone and a safe and happy New Year! You're a fantastic bunch of ladies and I absolutely LOVE jumping on this forum even if I don't contribute very much:)  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #14)

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