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Jun 14, 2007

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Plastic surgery's affordable to all

Hi all - While it is possible to have access to the same quality plastic surgery procedures as in the USA but at savings reaching 70%(example: tummy tuck + complete body lipo around us $5995, including Food and Hotel), there are a few key mistakes to avoid when planning a surgery abroad. Folks: a plastic surgery abroad is not for everyone and is a serious undertaking. It is not really a vacation... I have been working for many years as lead patient care manager for a big medical tourism company organizing plastic surgery in argentina http://www.gosculp gentina.p... and have dealt with hundreds of patients. I wish to inform and caution readers of this forum on the key mistakes to avoid (i have seen patients make many mistakes when planning their plastic surgery in argentina) on top of my list: 1- what should you do to ensure your safety on medical trips? 2- what are the key mistakes to avoid when having a surgery abroad? 3 - what happens really when you have a surgery abroad? 4 - what are the most critical questions you must ask your surgeon before you even leave your country to ensure an orderly process? 5 - what general questions must you ask in the pre-operative phase? 6 - how can you avoid surgeon communication mistakes especially when not having a face to face consultation until you fly to your destination? As I said, I worked with hundreds of different patients and saw mistakes as patients planned their plastic surgery in argentina http://www.gosculp gentina.p... . I just wish to share them here. Before I invest a lot of my time in this, is anyone here interested in initiating a discussion and debating on these topics? I believe that this would be informative to all and help the community make wiser decisionsÂ… best - yvan patient care manager gosculptura www.Gosculptura.Co m  (Jun 14, 2007 | post #50)