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Feb 26, 2013

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Iota, LA

J&W and Forets in Iota

I can say from experience that the two younger girls that work there are totally and inexcuseably rude, and I have seen it on every occasion that I have been there and they were working. And im sure people will say, "well dont go there". Thats a sad response. This is a public business and the customers keep it going. The owner is a wonderful lady that I have known since I was a kid and I have been friends with the family since i was in elementary school. I have had one come out the door as I was walking in and closed the door on me, and if the store opens at 6 A.M. you can bet your sweet butt that it will not be open on time if they are working. Ive waited in line with an armfull of items while the youngest all american superstar basketball player grand daughter stood in my way at the register eating her free snacks, playing on her cell phone and talking to the girl who was working the register and acting as if I wasnt there. Its sad to say but those 2 are the reason I now stop and see whos working in the morning, if they are there, I leave. I know my business wont make or break them but from the posts ive been reading im not the only one seeing it. My opinion, is they need to quit acting like theyre doing me a favor by waiting on me, that is whenever they get around to waiting on me, and get an attitude check and realize youre pissing off paying customers, and giving a good family business a bad reputation.  (Feb 26, 2013 | post #25)