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Sep 4, 2011

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sex with school,college,vabi girls with wine

Do you have a secured place with ac? What about the girls...gotta be hot n willing! Rate should not be a prob.  (May 14, 2012 | post #12)

high class escort in dhaka bangladesh

100 dollars for what? Where's the place?apartment?  (May 13, 2012 | post #1164)

Safe hotels for unmarried couples

try motel Atlantis in water kingdom,fantasy kingdom. It's nice,safe and fun. Been there a fw times me self.  (Apr 25, 2012 | post #6)

Tablet pc kinbo,tottho din.

please check out: m best online store for elaectronics in BD. Home delivery.  (Apr 25, 2012 | post #8)

pulok hotel banani kakoli

Hey from Dhaka as's it going?  (Nov 28, 2011 | post #28)

real ki keu peyechen pele comments ppathan

Both you idiots, get out of this topic...this board aint about crapy friendship of crapy the heading!  (Oct 31, 2011 | post #579)

khulna call girl@ hotel

Dude, Nothing in western Inn...I've been there a few times...but a nice and hospitable hotel though...they can get you good quality boooooz!  (Oct 26, 2011 | post #42)

anyone got any info about Rajshahi chick?

Hey to all the dudes of topix.....any of you guys know anything about Rajshahi Chicks? Any good call girl/escort there? any help will be much appreciated!!  (Oct 24, 2011 | post #1)

Dhaka Escort Girl

What's your fb id sweet heart?  (Oct 19, 2011 | post #1627)

real ki keu peyechen pele comments ppathan

Don't know bruv....Haven't had the guts to look her up yet....don't wanna take chances mate...  (Oct 19, 2011 | post #367)

real ki keu peyechen pele comments ppathan

Yeah man...Jhorna's ugly, esha's too professional/cheap minded, Otoshi's fat, liza's a Fraud/gangsta and Jara sounds a bit too expansive....only Upoma out of all these have been satisfactory so far...need some propa chicks guys...real good professional but fun girls...I don't mind paying really good money, as long as I get the service....  (Oct 18, 2011 | post #342)