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Mar 22, 2013

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Summit, IL

Summit - Mayor 2013

some of these issues are very comical to me. 1st off if you drive by Mayor Joes home you will notice that the same lights are always on 24 hrs a day so the dog is doing a horrible job turning them off. 2nd, it is very very true that the 10 (TEN) POOREST towns in Cook County get that casino check, so god forbid if we somehow crawl out that hole what is Joe gonna say when we arent getting any money. 3rd, LES PETERSON was forced to resign from Moraine Valley due to he sexually predatory ways. The man attempted to become chief in Forest View but Forest View did a background check on him and called him on it. Naturally he ran away and asked Burt Odleson (Village of Summits polictically connected attorney) for help. Les then screwed up Willow Springs and we became so lucky to have him ruin our town. 4th, The Village of Summit has FOUR new Police Officers since 2007. In the same time span they have lost EIGHT!!!!! There is no Tactical Team like surrounding departments. The shifts are staffed to minimum manpower and the Village always cries broke. 5th, and this is a non issue but NO TIME EVER will a Police Department be required to be bilingual, im sorry but this is a melting pot of diversity but you live in the united states for so sooo long you could learn english like the generations of immigrants in the past. 6th, There are zero productive businesses in Summit excluding Portillos. Krispy Kreme has been vacant for YEARS!!!! Walgreens wanted to move to Summit and we said NO. Pollo Loco=CLOSED! All we have in Summit is Burrito Joints, Barber Shops and is pathetic. 7th, will mayor Joe ever pave the alleys in the middle of town or is this just mainly done South of 63rd St. for votes????? Im sorry but Joe WAS good now Joe can barely take care of himself and realistically Ted Bojanowski is older then Joe and just as out there. I hope there is new blood with the Trustees they seem like good kids and maybe they can replace The Town DRUNK Steve Memishi, who last I checked was stumbling out of a bar and sleeping in his lawn. It is sad that this village has an agenda that is padded by crooks like Steve landek and Jeff Tobolski but it is what it is. All I know is that the ONLY MAYORAL CANDIDATE THAT IS GOING DOOR TO DOOR IS MIKE LONG. People who say Mike Long has burned bridges obviously have been on the wrong side of the law. SO what alot of people on here are saying is that since I screwed up and got arrested by Mike Long then obviously Mike Long is an asshole...that is pathetic. What is really pathetic is how a Newspaper owned by Senator Landek (DesPlaines Valley) publishes all these Mayor Joe articles but no one elses. Then again Mayor Joes campaign is being ran by the office of Senator Landek. I hope everyone who votes in our village puts their bullshit behind them and votes for the man that can hopefully turn the corner for Summit and not the same OLD bullshit that has hurt the town, the citizens, the tax payers, the fire and police departments for the last few years.  (Mar 22, 2013 | post #39)