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Oct 23, 2013

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research thematic discussion, it was agreed by welding sp...

research thematic discussion, it was agreed by welding spigot gap approach.Welded body material, the hollow sleeve for the HT, Simplified cap AC35.Selection electrode 506 of the circumference of the welding gap, the wear sleeve to a certain extent by the operation.After grinding the meat along with welding, even if there is residual, available portable wheel removed, does not affect the High Gradient Magnetic Separator sleeve replacement, through this technology processing, then ran leakage phenomenon did not occur, the implementation of good results. 2) into the threaded hole drain hole cover positions pulp processing mill after years of use, the cylinder into the hole surrounding M30mm widespread Bottom wear slippery silk thread into the hole cover is not tight pressure plasma leakage occurs, Flotation Machine worsening the situation of rejection pulp, almost to the point can not be produced.To address this situation, engineering and technical personnel in advance of the drawing create a new Rotary Kiln manhole standby until the equipment maintenance, removal of the old into the hole, the new hole soldered, put into use, and ultimately solve the problem of leakage of plasma.The two cases of leakage of plasma treatment, although simple, but practical and effective.Yufeng Analysis: Impact Crusher adjustmentRotary dryer 1.Discharge gap adjusting mechanism counterattack device usually with dump clearance adjustment mechanism.Through the discharge gap adjustment, can change the impact of the number of materials, Yufeng Heavy Machinery Contact Person : zzf, 24hrs Hote Line :+86 13526817088  (Oct 30, 2013 | post #1)