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Jul 29, 2007

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5 Major Trucking Companies pushing for EOBRs

QUOTE who="concerne d american" <quoted text> did you know that there are aprox 5000 citizens per year that are killed by unsafe truckers? Did you know that according to many studies, between 75 and 80% of the fatal car/truck wrecks in the US are caused by the car driver? Don't know the exact date/time but the University of Mich. had a study done which verified that. Do you know that the AAA had a study done several years ago, which once they saw the results they tried to suppress, stating the same thing? Perhaps engaging one's brain before expressing one's wrong "facts" might help you make whatever point it is you're looking to make.  (Dec 26, 2010 | post #17)


real truckers don't wear shorts!!!!!!

Hey there's good points to that type deal too. Last Summer I had on part of a crane boom. Loaded it in Lexington KY on Friday, it went 25 miles past the house. So when I went to deliver it Monday AM I had on my obligatory shorts & sneakers. Got to the job and was told I couldn't get outta the truck without long pants & steel-toed shoes. Fine with me I said, just have the boys leave the chains & binders on the trailer & I'll hang 'em up when I get out to the road. Heck, they even hung everything up on the headache rack. Best hot, humid morning I'd had in a long time. But it sure was warm when I got out to make sure everything was there B4 I left. Whew...  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #14)


Company's teaching non-compliant logging techniques

That explanation from "The Book" is a good example of how muddied up the rules can be, open to interpretation and we all know that every dock has a certified HOS referee to interpret the regs for cusious drivers<G>. Common sense and logic (neither being components of most HOS regs) would say if you're parked there for 8 hrs. and hit the bunk it shouldn't matter if you MIGHT be told at some point to move the truck or not. If you're resting, you're resting and potentially having to work ain't the same as actually working. My personal interpretation (and how I did it). No scientific studies or comment periods involved when I do it so PATT etc. will likely say that sleep shouldn't count. Sorry 'bout that Chief.  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #3)


would trucker's want us marshals jurisdiction?

Nope, no drive-by shootings after dark. I can't get a good full-field target view and my little green glowing binoculars are at the house. Besides, here at the T-5 it's probably not kosher to discharge within the city limits anyway<G> I'll be a good little, shorts-clad, sneaker-wearing truckdriver and go to bed soon so I can arise and go load in a timely manner in the morning. At least Jimmy didn't want to see my smiling face til after 9:00 so it's like starting the week on a banker's schedule.  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #62)


hours of service

I think the problem with your detention idea is that the FMCSA is allegedly charged with "Motor carrier safety" and that would be viewed as some sort of economic regulation of carriers, which, of course, was done away with with the sunsetting of the ICC. When I ran under my own authority my contract had a detention clause and detention rates included. Only had to use it 2 times in 12 years but that's 'cause my deal involved expediting and by the time I got the call the crap was already steaming hot. 1 of the detention uses was a customer that I picked up parts at after 5:00 PM, delivered them at a heat treat/plating plant around 9:00 PM and waited til they were done cooling down the next AM to return them back to the shipper. Nothing like getting a good night's sleep and getting paid for it too. Of course we all know that many carriers are scared doo-dooless at the thought of losing a customer by actually charging detention, even if it's in their contract. The likely only solution wil be for the drivers to run it strictly compliant and after a few late loads the shipper will either get their act together or switch carriers.... but what good were they if they do switch? I hope that any new rule emerging goes back to everyone being able to use split-sleeper and having it stop the 14 hr. clock regardless. My bladder hasn't allowed me an 8 straight hrs. of sleep in a long time; I'd rather (and actually do.... p on 'em) take a siesta if needed now just like I always did. I'd rather be alive & "illegal " then dead and right up to snuff.  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #7)


real truckers don't wear shorts!!!!!!

I only wear shorts when my Billy Bigrigger shiny belt buckle and chain drive wallet are in the shop to run the rack on 'em. When you start buying my clothes to get all crappy and greasy when I'm chaining down a load then I'll accept your ability to make me wear what you want me to wear..... or you can hit the lotto and then adopt me and that might work too<G>. I'll agree with folks about the butt-dragging outfits some folks wear in an attempt to be "chic" but they look like crap regardless of what you do for a living. Their attempts to make everyone think they're budding gangsta rappers is as ludicrous as those drugstore cowboys all gussied up like a Laramie belt-buckle winner who've never even got close to a merry-go-round plastic pony. Personally I think anyone that covers themselves with some sort of tattoo or sticks garbage in self-created holes in their bodies is out of his/her mind but all I have to do is see them for a minute, then they're gone. Now I'm getting to be an old enough fart where I might even show up on top of my trailer wearing white shoes and a white belt and double knits just like all those golfing retirees do when they go out on the town. And if I do, what the heck business is it of anyone else? Laugh if ya want but just don't bust your too-tight, shoulda really got a 38" waist pressed jeans, gosh you walk funny in them pointy-toed gator skin boots with them spurs jangling across the parking lot when ya do laugh. We all have our crosses to bear and my shorts really shouldn't be one for you to worry about.  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #11)


would trucker's want us marshals jurisdiction?

Oh I'd wager someone might take a guess at what I'm fixin' to have fun about........  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #60)


would trucker's want us marshals jurisdiction?

Perhaps Tommy Lee Jones is shooting his next cinematic classic: "US Marshalls Take Over the Internet"? Available for viewing from the cells being installed by Homeland Security at a scalehouse near you?  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #54)


Court cuts truckers' hours spent on road

OK Rusty, I came, I saw, I got pi$$ed. But, you were right, at least no Ricky D. Forest rearing his ugly head.... or Ernie.......yet. Perhaps we should hope that the Polish Prince becomes an Ohio cop as the 55 truck speed limit doesn't seem to be a factor as far as he's concerned so maybe he'd be less likely to fill his quota with a rash of 57 mph truck tix.<G> Maybe we should get Michael Moore to do his next cinematic venure from the cab of a truck. Then perhaps some of these folks who have NO conception of what it's like dealing with the "Get outta my way, I'm late for (fill in the blank)" folks of all persuasions who have no clue about trucks, the laws of physics, HOS regs and other niceties 24/7... fair weather or foul. I'm not gonna even attempt to apologize for ANY of the stupid truckdriver tricks that PO folks. Only for ones I may have performed. By the same token, I (and others) maybe have seen most varieties of stupid driver tricks(of all vehicles)in 37 years of doing this for a living. I'm still astounded many times regardless of who's driving what and the things they do. I can only say MOST of them are lucky that many of us sit higher and have the opportunity to see situations developing before most folks do (or are even aware that they might have happened) and can compensate somehow in keeping the gene pool liberally stocked with morons and miscreants. If some folks actually knew how many things we see folks do on the road that they're never even aware of due to not having a view above most folks they might consider taking the bus next time. But only if it runs on their schedule....  (Jul 29, 2007 | post #49)

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