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Apr 13, 2008

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Close to Japan's Ultimate Conspiracy

Close to Japan's Ultimate Conspiracy http://park.geocit 03/p221B.html#page 221B Now I am reaching Japan's ultimate conspiracy. I live in Kagoshima City in Kyushu Island of the Japanese archipelago. I have been accusing the human disaster manipulation, and now I completely believe that my accusation is undeniable. But the conspiracy scenario is inexplicably complexed. So, I need some time to express its detail in English. But it is urgent. Typhoon Neoguri is heading towards my city, Kagoshima in Kyushu Island. http://beauty.geoc r_i2/01/Z08/pl_071 0.html The typhoon is obviously hesitating. But it is apparently intimidating me and other ordinary Japanese. I am writing the conspiracy plot in Japanese, referring to a British aircraftcarrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. The Japan Meteorological Agency upgraded the system to a tropical storm and named it Neoguri (Raccoon dog in Korean) at at 00:00 UTC on July 4, But on that day in Britain, the christening ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth was going to be held. And on that day unfortunately, there reported an unpleasant rumor about the Royal family. http://beauty.geoc r_i2/01/Z08/pl_071 0B.html I have been accusing a strange coincidence between Elvis Presley and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as well as a strange coincidence between Elvis Presley and Masako, Crown Princess of Japan. And I was involved in a serious bicycle accident on July 7, 2007. But later I knew that the day was the 60th anniversary of Camilla's birth. And today I believe that the accident was also part of Japan's conspiracy. I have little time to explain the detail in English. So, I would like the readers to read my Japanese blog through some translation tools. And if you have questions and opinions, please let me know. I will try to respond to your questions as much as possible. http://en.wikipedi _Neoguri_(2014) http://en.wikipedi ,_Duchess_of_Cornw all http://en.wikipedi, _Crown_Princess_of _Japan http://en.wikipedi en_Elizabeth_(R08)  (Jul 9, 2014 | post #1)

Typhoons and Hurricanes are Japanese Conspiracy

Typhoons And Tsunami Are Government's Conspiracy http://park.geocit /p046.html#page302 One of the evil purposes of the government is to eliminate disgruntled dissidents. ( http://park.geocit 03/p221B.html )  (Jul 8, 2014 | post #10)

Variety of Cases of Japanese Conspiracy in Russia

Japanese Imperial Clan Is Mastermind of Russian Politics http://park.geocit /p048.html#page314 In other words, the Japanese imperial clan has been exclusively dominating the world completely.  (Jul 8, 2014 | post #16)


Hurricanes And Tornadoes Are Japan's Conspiracy

Summit Meeting Is Mere Party among Japanese Imperial Clan http://park.geocit 103/p033.html#page 222 They are always united. And they desperately need the event that shows off their unity particularly inside the clan. ( http://park.geocit 203/p034.html )  (Jul 6, 2014 | post #10)

Typhoons and Hurricanes are Japanese Conspiracy

Typhoons Are Disaster Conspiracy by Japanese Government http://book.geocit piracy/01/p002.htm l#page21 The ruling people in Japan believe that bullying is the best way to maintain their domination eternally. ( http://park.geocit 203/p033.html )  (Jul 5, 2014 | post #9)

Global Wars And Pandemic diseases Are Japan's Conspiracy

World Wars and Regional Battles Are All Fake http://book.geocit piracy/01/p003.htm l#page34 The global ruling clan always takes advantage of wars and battles just to enhance its domination over the ordinary human beings. ( http://park.geocit /p041.html )  (Jul 5, 2014 | post #5)


Eruptions of Mount St. Helens Was Japan's Conspiracy

Japan Is Nation of Bullying http://book.geocit piracy/01/p009.htm l#page116 So, this country always tries to spread completely paradoxical news all over the world. For example, North Korea's alleged abduction crimes are all deception and fabrication not only by Japan only but also by both the two nations. The reason is that North Korea is a Japan's perfect colony. ( http://book.geocit piracy/02/p003.htm l )  (Jul 5, 2014 | post #17)


Number 7 Is Day of Terror in Japan's Conspiracy

Japan Is Nation of Deceptive Terrorism http://park.geocit 103/p035.html#page 244 Japan is really an insidious nation. ( http://park.geocit /p049.html#page317 )  (Jul 5, 2014 | post #11)