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Dec 13, 2008

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South Pasadena, CA

Busted Main in the SGV

Thank you for including us poor Angelenos in El Sereno in the other Valley, San Gabriel rather than San Fernando...but you should get your info correct. Ponding of the leakage occured at Berkshire Ave/Dr NOT Kendall/B.Drive which is uphill of the fully fixed pipeline before noon.... Get facts, and remember LADWP is entirely in LACity... Geographically/Top ographically I live in LA90032 at the ridge that some may think is the far west end of the SGValley...but in fact our stormwater goes to LARiver and the divide is at Fremont/Fairoaks But Thanks anyway. Tom  (Nov 15, 2011 | post #1)

Alhambra, CA

Glendale wary of 710 meetings

Comments 2 Ara even thought there needed to be some definition as to what MTA is getting the County into with this $10B boodoogle. The 18 meeting only include 6 for actual CEQA/NEPA compliance the rest are trying to exhaust the opposition and provide an appearance of doing something. Monterey Park and Rosemead were included in the 2009-10 go-around but not this time. Highland Park, Glassel Park, ArroyoSeco, Lincoln Heights, and Cypress Park were included last time, but not this time. So "Outreach " Not this time. The $780M approved as part of Measure R has a proviso to release the funds to the SGValley if the 710North fails therefore, is it all being setup to release these funds to the SGValley (Molina and Fasana)?? Ara and others are not opposed to the "Project " they are opposed to wasting $10B for no "significant " effect on the 210 and other commuter congestion, They are opposed to the eventual LACo bail out of the failed toll tunnel, unless Caltrans bans trucks from the downtown I-5 and diverts them to the toll tunnel - "build and Caltrans will fill it up". It is not the LACounty's transit officials - it is the "Highway " officials who want to get money for other highways after they are forced to divert moneys to the SGValley. An alternative is as Failing says: "everything is on the Table"...incl uding a surface freeway or cut-n-cover freeway "tunnel" .... As indicated above the "18 meetings" are not the scoping process - only the last six, the first two sets of meetings are the attempts to divert attention by teaching history of the last three years and "educate " some communities to sell the project, this is all PR and to exhuast and diffuse the process and opposition. Scoping may include NEPA (Federal) and CEQA (State) processes which will bite them in the As.... as the Federal injunction remains in place and is quite specific...MTA has not thought out the process of what they are starting. Actually I disagree that MTA wants to do the tunnel...MTA may want to return to the surface freeway, with interchanges at Huntington Drive and SR110 along the old Meridian Route (Zone2), no one is lining up to pay for the $10B tunnel...but a $2B tollway remains possible and practical - BUT fully opposed by federal injunctions and communities. In fact, MTA/CTs has already moved forward with the Tunnel Portal alternative to begin and end in Alhambra, but Alhambra has failed to realize that they will have to suffer the impacts that they had shifted onto El Sereno BUT which El Sereno has put back on Alhambra's side of Valley... Tom  (Feb 11, 2011 | post #1)

Alhambra, CA

Around Alhambra, February 8

Get the titles and text correct DPW is NOT Department of Power and Water it is the Department of Public Works on confused with LA City's Department of WATER and POWER I know recycling waste oil is not a hot button item...but next time check  (Feb 8, 2011 | post #1)

Montebello, CA

Committee would oversee Montebello Hills development

Thanks "Mel" MEL - Where is the money to build these homes coming from? YF - PXP needs the upgrading of the surface rights so that they can put the increases to their asset base as a publicly held company. They don't need to build a thing once they get the up-zoing in order to "make a profit". YF - In the current market, their assets can be used to secure loans, once the up-zoning is done. MEL - Is PXP going to fully fund this project or is the City of Montebello go to bring out a bond issue? YF - Doubtful that PXP will pay for everything. YF - Probably a "Homeowners Association" LLP will be formed, and "bonds" may be developed for a 20-40 year repayment through connection/use charges as many utilities, sidewalks, street-lighting, parks, etc. are done. YF - Remember that the Montebello CRA is involved in this and can be used to front many of the "community facilities and services". YF - Also remember that the Save-Hillers found that the SanGabValleyWaterC o had a strange DRAFT agreement which required PXP to pay for engineering and anything left over at the end of the year would go to the City??? Hope this helps?? YankeeFlasher  (Dec 15, 2008 | post #22)

Montebello, CA

Committee would oversee Montebello Hills development

Montebelloans "There will be blood" reminds people that the people involved in oil have one primary objective - make money and convince land owners that they are good guys. Ask the residents of Inglewood Field (=Baldwin Hills), Salt Lake Field (=Fairfax and La Brea), and Beverly Field (Beverly Hills) about PXP and their various associates including CookHill Prop. Now will the Non-Condo Owners of Montebello Hills own their mineral rights?? or will they be held by PXP unit operator??? Who will control/operate the lands?? = PXP or its decendent or future acquirer?? Will the owner-occupants of the structures have the rights to bring suites against PXP or decendent operators?? Owner/Occupants probably will be required to sign waiver/liability exclusion clause. Technically the key scene is one that talked about "drainage " where the oil and gas under Montebllo probably has come from properties which owned mineral rights but did not know their underlying resources were being SUCKED out by PXP and its filed ancestors. Hopefully the fiery blow-out will not happen, but I saw and worked at the Ross Store explosion site in Farifax which finally was found to result from the overpressurizing of the secondary recovery field operations - field pressure exceeded the abandonment of wells. I have also seen others in the Fairfax area and heard of those in the SoCalGas Gas Storage Facility which is below PXP's oil zones. Hope this helps YankeeFlasher  (Dec 15, 2008 | post #21)

Montebello, CA

Committee would oversee Montebello Hills development

Thanks Byron, Better than the NOP/Scoping Statement Lets summarize -- Byron de Arakal, CHP gave the following [calcs by Ykflsr] 1. Montebello Hills Specific Plan proposes both attached and detached single-family residences. 4. Mixed attached/detached homes = about 50:50. 6. NOT "1200 condo project" No Sec 8 housing or apartments in the plan. 2. Attached [sic =DETACHED?] homes, +/-2700 to 4000 sqft, 3-5+ BR [600du x 3300sqft = 2.0Msqft] 3. Attached [sic] residences - +/-900 to 3000 sqft, 1-3 bedrooms [600du x 2000sqft =1.2Msqft] 5. Approval -1st-2nd quarter, 2009; Sale in late 2011 to 2012. 6. Buildout, 1200 (600+600) homes 5-7 years [=2019 finished] 7. Fiscal analysis – Increased Montebello's property tax base, $840M [/1200 = aver $700K/unit] [$840/3.2M sqft = $260/sqft including structure, infrastructure, and LAND; AVER (Range)Unit Costs -- 3300x$260=$860K($7 00K to $1.04M/unit, 2000x$260 = $520K($234 to $780K)/unit] Increased $7M/year, property tax revenues at buildout [2019] [/1200 = aver $5+K/unit/yr] Increased $2.3M/year, sales tax revenue [2019] [/1200 = aver $2K/yr] I hope this give a bit more substance/quantifi ed to the verbage. By the way look at the annual household incomes of Montebello Residents (2008 median -say $46,000). Who in Montebello can afford these? 90+%ile of the economic classes of Montebello, NOT the real people, south of Lincoln. A Condo can be any unit, where the overall land, infrastructure, landscaping, etc. are commonly held rather than individually...the refore all attached and others could be condos rather than inidivudal owned and re-developable as the occupant requires. YankeeFlasher  (Dec 15, 2008 | post #20)

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