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Jun 23, 2011


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Grapevine: Aretha Franklin fractures toe

Aretha Franklin a fractured toe on his left foot after a performance in Dallas Thursday, reports Associated Press. While the Queen of Soul was packing his clothes in a room h? As she took a false step on the heel of one of its peaks favorite Jimmy Choo shoes, said spokeswoman Tracey Jordan . Franklin, who had a performance Saturday in Greenwich, Connecticut, made a pit stop in an hour? Pital in Indianapolis where she was fitted with a starting H pital with a plastic timber sole.According Jordan, Franklin was pleased with the injury did not get in the fa? to play it, saying, "God thank you, it was not my pedal to the piano!" No word on how long Franklin will wear the boot, but the singer seems to have adjusted Grammy for good. ? Is up and dance?, Jordan said. [url= m/]Jordan Shoes for sale[/url]  (Jun 23, 2011 | post #1)