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Oct 10, 2011

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Hemet, CA

Why Is There So Much Racial Tension In Hemet?

because of hemet's debilitating hot weather and everyone's strung out on crystal meth.  (Sep 10, 2013 | post #196)

Oceanside, CA

Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage

making having sex with children legal.  (Sep 3, 2013 | post #214202)

Oceanside, CA

Man hit by car after argument

can someone let me know what happened since you f'n have to pay money to read their news?  (Feb 25, 2013 | post #1)

National Rifle Association (NRA)

taking lives of innocent prople

america will never be disarmed. there's more guns available in the black market than there is sold legally at stores. i've seent it.  (Dec 15, 2012 | post #2)

Bowling Green, KY

Halloween sucks now!!!

also, what happened with halloween being about horror and gore? when i was a kid, every house was decorated in the most vile, disgusting and horrific scenery as possible. along with bloody and scary costumes. now it's winnie the pooh and dressing up as fruits and vegetables... wtf!??!?! r.i.p. halloween.  (Oct 31, 2012 | post #15)

Mexicans, the most ignorant and brainless people of all.

blah blah blah  (Aug 30, 2012 | post #4179)

Germans are evil beings!

i only blame germans for psychiatry.  (Jul 22, 2012 | post #461)

I sell xanax in large and small quantity

xanax is awesome... i take 2mg twice a day.  (Apr 24, 2012 | post #2)

Somali Men Eat Dog Shit

somalia has a long way to go!  (Nov 5, 2011 | post #31)


Why is Tupac so Overrated?

it's all about BIG L!!!  (Oct 23, 2011 | post #165)

Illegal Immigration

Are Children of Illegal Immigrants Entitled to a Public E...

if they're born here, then sure. if the children are here illegally, then no.  (Oct 10, 2011 | post #215)

Oceanside, CA

Marijuana - Oceanside, CA

GROWING MARIJUANA IS A HOBBY AND SMOKING MARIJUANA BUDS CAN BE A HARMLESS RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY. Growing marijuana is a hobby and smoking marijuana buds can be a harmless recreational activity.  (Oct 10, 2011 | post #14)