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Dec 4, 2012

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Prep football: Liberty claims its first section title

Liberty high school told me I was not allowed to take pictures of the cheerleaders because some of the parents said they did not want pics taken of them. so I began telling him about my daughter who was going to be going throught a amputation soon and told him that she wanted to be a cheerleader. So I deleted all the video and pics of the cheerleaders and went to my seat. then I started taking pics of the football players, and realized that they told some lady to go sit behind me to make sure I dont take pics. so I moved up higher and took another pick. and some fat guy ask me what I was doing at the game and I told him I like to come to games Then he said lets go outside Im going to knock your teeth out. at about that time the vice principle the same guy that told me I could not take pics of cheerleaders showed up and made me leave the game. I told him that guy just threatened to knock out my teeth. he did not care about him they just did not want me taking pictures at that football game. At this time it was the principle and vice principle. I said all these other people can take pictures and I cant. I'm not a child molester Ive never been chaged with any thing to do with a child. If there is any attorneys out there and think they can help me please e mail me. This is typical discremnation. I support all of there activities they do. THe man who thrreatened me and the guy he was with told me as i was leaving it was not a threat but a promise. I have always gone to there games because I like to watch football. I did not get to see the champtionship game impartly because of the rain but most importantly because i expressed this to some people that want to hurt these men who threatened me. I can handle myself pretty well but I did not want a incident to come from this so I missed the game. I am not an angel but Im surly not the devil. And most imporrtantly im not a child molester or some kind of predator. My feelings were hurt but also the old me wanted to smash those guys. I will see them again and maybe the vice principle explained why I was taking pictures of the cheerleaders, it was because the first thing out of my daughters mouth when she herd she was going to have a amputation was, can I be a cheerleader. sincerely x-hophead. If there is anyone out there who u think you could help me with taking this to court for discremination please e mail me. thank you god bless.  (Dec 4, 2012 | post #1)